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    Buyers Guide - As Is - Spanish - No Lines (Package of 100)
  • In 2017, the Federal Trade Commission announced final amendments updating the the Used Car Rule by revising the Buyers Guides that must be displayed on a used vehicle before it is displayed for sale or a customer is allowed to inspect it for final purchase. These updated Buyers Guides satisfy the current legal requirements.
  • Self Adhering permanent adhesive tape at the top and bottom for quick, easy application to window
  • 2-part, carbonless form is comprised of white, white.
  • Printed in black ink with gray back
  • Size: 7-1/3" x 11-3/4"
  • This Spanish-language form is used by auto dealerships to enumerate what is covered under warranty and the duration of the coverage for the particular vehicle.
  • This is the same as form BG2SP17, except it does not include lines.
  • Sold in packages of 100

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Buyers Guide - As Is - Spanish - No Lines (Package of 100)

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