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Sanitized Mirror Hang Tags for Auto Dealerships

Our Sanitized Mirror Hang Tags are constructed from durable and reusable 23mil polyethylene plastic. These tags are ideal for letting customers of your auto dealerships that vehicles are clean, sanitized, and free from COVID-19 and Coronavirus. The plastic material is easy to clean and these tags can be reused time-and-time again as your dealership responds to COVID-19. These signs measure 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" and are sold in packages of 50. We offer two popular designs. The first design reads, "Sanitized" in black ink on the front with the picture of a COVID-19 germ with a red X through it. The back of this tag reads, "This Vehicle Has Been Sanitized" in black. The second design features light blue text on the front that reads, "Sanitized" with the picture of a bottle of cleaning solution. The back of the tag reads, "This Vehicle Has Been Sanitized" in light blue. These tags can be used by the sales and service department of dealerships.