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Work Order Holders for Repair or Job Tickets

Our work order holders manufactured from sewn plastic and nylon fabric, and are popularly used by auto mechanics, auto repair shops, service technicians, and auto dealer service departments as a way to protect repair order forms, multi-point inspection forms, and job tickets from becoming soiled by dirt, oil, and grease during the automotive service process. These job ticket holder feature a durable sewn-in nylon strap which can be carried by hand, or looped around the rear view mirror, side-view mirror, or antenna of the vehicle to hold and protect important documents.

We offer two varieties of plastic holders to keep your auto dealership or repair shop's work order forms and job tickets free from dust, dirt, oil, and grime. The 11in x 14in clear front and back holders allow you to see the front and back of your paperwork, while the 11in x 13in black back holders have a clear front so that only the front of your paperwork is visible. The clear-back version is available with black, bright green, or bright red handles, while the black-back version is available with a black handle only. The bright red and bright green handles are used when it is critical that the holder stand out visually. Both styles feature stitched nylon webbing on both sides and a durable metal grommet for hanging on a hook or pegboard.