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Custom Parking Permit Hang Tags & Stickers

We offer a comprehensive selection of Custom Printed Parking Permit Hang Tags and Parking Permit Stickers to meet the needs of any company or organization who operates a parking lot or parking garage. Commercial parking lot owners in particular know how valuable and sought-after a parking spot in a convenient and safe location can be. For example, in Washington, DC, the average outdoor parking space is worth between $25,000-$30,000 per year and indoor parking spaces are generally 2-3 times more valuable. Given the incredible value of parking spaces, it is very important for organizations to protect and control these important assets. Effective security begins in the parking lot - even before people step foot on your campus or enter the buildings.

Some of our customers include government organizations, parking garages, parking lots, valet services, schools, businesses, hospitals, universities, and much more. Our complete selection of parking permits include rear view mirror hang tags, outside application parking stickers, and inside application parking stickers, all of which can be customized with vibrant printing containing your company name, logo, message, or imprint. Additionally, each type of permit can have consecutive numbering or variable data added to provide a unique identifier to each tag at an additional cost. If you require variable data printing, please email us a spreadsheet with your data when placing the order. The following is a more in depth description of each style of parking permit and sticker that we offer:

  • Parking Permit Hang Tags Our mirror hang tags are constructed from durable 23 mil polyethylene that resists both heat and cold and will not yellow or crack. These tags are available in your choice of white or reflective material, both of which are digitally printed in full color and offered in 7 standard sizes. The white material is the most popular option, largely due to the low cost, however, the reflective material offers the advantage of being visible at night with just a small amount of light - parking attendants can see reflective permits with just a flashlight in the dark. Digital printing allows us to print your personalized imprint with no limitations to the number of colors - we can even print complex shading patterns and high resolution photographic images at no additional cost. These tags hang on the rear view mirror of the vehicle, where they can easily be read by parking attendants.
  • Inside Application Parking Stickers - Inside-the-vehicle personalized parking stickers are constructed from your choice of clear static cling or clear polyester adhesive-film. These stickers are applied to the inside of the windshield, where they can be viewed by the parking attendant from the outside of the car. The static cling option offers the advantages of being totally reusable and having no possibility of leaving adhesive residue behind on the vehicle, while the light adhesive PET option is less expensive and bonds more easily to the windshield. These stickers are clear, so they are printed with an undercoat of white and digitally print on top of the white. Full digital printing allows us to achieve full color images and complex shading patterns at no additional cost. We offer two standard sizes or the option to create your own custom "die-cut" shape, which allows us to meet the needs of any application. Custom shape stickers give a personalized look that is very popular with our customers. Inside application parking stickers are a very economical and durable choice - since the stickers adhere to the inside of the vehicle, they are not exposed to the elements and therefore have a very long lifespan.
  • Outside Application Parking Stickers - Outside-the-vehicle custom parking stickers are constructed from durable white or reflective vinyl material and are digitally printed in full color with your message or log. These stickers are constructed from durable material which is designed to withstand the elements and feature a special pressure sensitive adhesive that adheres firmly to the vehicle, yet can be removed later without damaging the car. Choose on of our standard shapes or create a custom "die-cut" shape up to 13 square inches at no additional charge.  The white material is the most popular option due to the low cost, however, we also offer reflective stickers which are highly visible with very low light if your parking area operates during the nighttime or inside a garage that is very dark.

If you need assistance making your parking permit selection, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat. We have been proudly serving the needs of schools, businesses, and organizations with personalized parking permits and stickers for over 30 years and will be happy to offer guidance and help you select the correct product for your application.

What Makes an Effective Parking Permit

Over our 30+ year history, we have learned some important tips about choosing the best parking sticker or permit. When designing your parking permit, consider the following attributes which make an effective parking control device.

  1. An effective parking permit or sticker design should be Easily Seen or Noticed. A bold design will be clearly visible to anyone who enters your lot and serve two important purposes. Firstly, prospective customers will notice the permits on others cars and be made aware that this lot requires a permit. Likewise, parking lot attendants will easily be able to spot the permits on legally parked cars. Our parking permit hang tags and outdoor application parking stickers are offered with full color printing at no additional cost. Do not settle for one-color printing offered by the competition, when we offer full color printing for no additional charge. Moreover, we offer reflective parking permits and stickers which are the best choice when you require a permit that is highly visible even at night time. The light glistens off of the reflective material so that outdoor lighting and parking attendants flashlights make the permits clearly visible even in the dark.
  2. Durability as extremely important consideration when choosing a parking permit or sticker. Most parking permits are issued on a yearly basis, so you should choose a sticker or hang tag that is strong enough to endure the elements such as snow, rain, heat, and sunlight during the lifespan of the permit's use. Parking permit hang tags and inside application parking stickers are used inside the vehicle, so the primary concern is the quality and fade-resistance of the printing. We utilize state-of-the art digital printing equipment and inks which are designed to resist fading caused by the sunlight. Our outside application parking stickers are constructed from durable film and feature a special adhesive that is designed to adhere firmly to the vehicle, yet still can be removed without leaving any sticky residue behind. We manufacture these stickers using materials and processes that are designed to last outdoors for many years to come.
  3. Choose a parking permit design that is not easily counterfeited. Implementing complex logos, unique shapes, and design elements such as the use of reflective material make it harder for people to effectively counterfeit. For example, our outdoor application parking stickers can be custom die-cut into any shape for no additional charge. Imagine how difficult it would be for someone to copy a reflective custom shaped sticker with full color digital printing of a complex logo! In most cases, complexity makes it not worth-the-while of a potential thief to even attempt to copy your parking permit.
  4. Choosing a permit with an economical price is always an important factor. Inside application parking stickers are the lowest price option, with bulk quantity pricing reaching as low as $0.15 each. Outside application parking stickers are a few cents more, while polyethylene parking hang tags are the most expensive option. Regardless of your choice, you will find that our prices are designed to be extremely competitive, especially when ordering large quantities where we aim to offer wholesale pricing.