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Auto Dealership Flags & Pennants

We offer the most complete selection of flags and pennants in the auto dealer supply industry. Our most popular items are our Swooper Feather Flags, Wind-Free Feather Flags, and car flags which are offered in hundreds of different designs to meet the demands of any car dealership and are in-stock for immediate shipment. Additionally, we carry American Flags, cluster flag sets, Custom Flags, Hood Covers, Pennants & Streamers, Vertical Flags including interceptor flags, and much more at the lowest pricing possible. If your dealership is looking for custom printed flags, we offer fast turnaround times on custom swooper flags, custom wind-free flags, and custom rectangular flags with digital printing equipment that enables us to produce full color designs extremely quickly in the United States.

Feather Flags for Car Dealerships

Feather Flags are one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your dealership. Feather flags are very large in size and are printed with vibrant colors that are highly visible to all who pass your business. We offer two styles of feather flags: Swooper Feather Flags feature a fluttering action, whereby the movements of the flag direct customers into your car lot. Alternatively, Wind-Free Flags are designed with a full sleeve construction that makes the design visible even when there is no wind. Regardless of the style you choose, these flags stand 11.5 ft tall and are one of the most effective ways to bring in customers. Once the potential customers enter your lot, your sales team will have an opportunity to close the deal!

American Flags

If you have a flagpole installed at your dealership, we offer the highest quality American Flags that are constructed from sewn stripes and embroidered stars 100% in the United States. Our American Flags are offered in three different fabrics: Nylon, Polyester, and Cotton. Our most popular style of American Flags are the nylon flags, which are constructed with durable and lightweight nylon material that has excellent weather-resistance and fly-ability. Our polyester flags are the most durable option, constructed from a more heavy-weight material that is still light enough to fly well, but strong enough to endure harsh weather conditions. The polyester flags are heavier and therefore do not fly quite as well as the nylon flags, which also contributes to their longer lifespan. Finally, we carry cotton American Flags which are the most traditional-looking US Flag, however, they are also the least durable. Cotton American Flags are only recommended when historically-accurate and authentic-looking materials are required.

Car Flags

Car dealerships use car flags on the vehicles on the lot to create a bright and dynamic display that attracts customers. Some dealerships will place car flags on a few cars on the front line, while other dealers use one car flag on each and every vehicle for maximum impact. The most popular design we offer is the USA Car Flags which are an inexpensive way to show patriotism, while also creating an attractive display that draws the attention of prospective customers. We also offer many different designs of car flags geared towards auto sales such as "We Finance," "Buy Here Pay Here," "Best Buys Here," and many more that offer bright-colored designs that communicate sales-oriented messages to draw in customers. Our car flags are constructed with a super durable injection molded staff that clips onto the window. Our window clips are carefully engineered to stand up straight and easily connect to the window without causing damage. The flags themselves are constructed from light-weight 110gsm knitted polyester material and are screen printed with vibrant dye-based inks.