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Dealer Addendum Stickers

Dealer Addendum Stickers

We carry a comprehensive selection of stock and custom printed addendum stickers which are used by car dealerships in conjunction with manufacturer's factory window stickers (Monroney stickers) to list dealer-installed options as well as no-charge items that are being included by the dealer with the vehicle. These labels help to draw attention to the differences in features between similar-model vehicles, which otherwise might not be evident to customers who are perusing the vehicles on your car lot!

Factory Stickers lists the manufacturer-installed equipment and MSRP for the new vehicle. Examples of details contained on the factory label are engine and transmission specifications, standard and optional equipment details, warranty information, fuel economy ratings, and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Once the vehicle arrives to the dealership, the dealer has the option to add additional features to the vehicle. The purpose of the addendum sticker is to list the price of all the dealer-installed features and provide the total asking price of the vehicle, combining the MSRP and add-ons. Some examples of additional features that may be listed on addendum stickers include extended warranty plans, special coatings, protections, stereo systems, alarms, heated seats, remote start systems, paint protection, rust-proofing, window tinting, remote starters, anti-theft systems, wheel locks, and many more bonuses and after-market additions that have been added by the dealer.

Comprehensive Selection of Dealer Addendum Stickers

We carry a complete selection of addendum stickers, which includes stock message addendums in paper-backed and adhesive tape varieties, stock "Clear Back" Added Equipment Stickers, blank dealer stickers for laser printers in paper-backed, clear back, and outdoor application styles, custom printed addendum stickers in paper-backed, adhesive tape, outdoor application, and clear back options, and much more to meet the needs of nearly any car dealership.

  • Paper-Backed Addendum Stickers - Paper Backed dealer window stickers are offered in stock, custom printed, and blank varieties. This type of dealer window sticker features an adhesive border for application onto the inside of the vehicle's side window so that the printed side is visible from the outside of the car. The adhesive backing paper peels off on all four sides so that the label can be applied to the inside of the vehicle's window. Our stock paper-backed addendums are available in blue or red styles. You can also print your own addendums using a laser printer with our blank paper-backed stickers or we can custom print paper-backed labels with your personalized design to meet the specific needs of your dealership.
  • Adhesive Tape Addendum Stickers - The classic style of addendum labels features two strips of adhesive tape, which can be applied to the inside of the car window so that the message is visible from the outside of the vehicle. We carry these stickers in our very popular and competitively-priced blue stock addendum stickers and we can also custom print these in any size to meet the customized needs of your auto dealership.
  • Blank Laser Window Stickers - Our blank dealer laser labels can be personalized by your dealership using a laser printer. These window stickers are offered in a variety of sizes in the paper-backed, outdoor application, and clear backed varieties. The outdoor application stickers are advantageous over any other option, since they adhere to the outside of the vehicle and therefore there is no risk of damaging aftermarket window tint on the inside of the vehicle.
  • "Clear Back" Addendum Stickers - We carry our popular "Clear Back" Added Equipment Stickers which are printed with blue ink and adhere to the inside of the vehicle's side window with a clear adhesive plastics backing. We also carry blank "Clear Back" laser labels or we can custom print these stickers to meet the needs of your dealership.

Regardless of your dealership's addendum sticker needs, we are here to help. Choosing the best addendum sticker for your application can be a complex process. Please feel free to reach out to us by email, phone, or chat, and we will be happy to help you in making the best selection.

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