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Automotive Key Control & Management Systems, Key Storage

The proper organization, control, and management of keys is critical to the smooth operation of your auto dealership's sales and service departments. In particular, when a salesman is meeting with a customer to show them possible vehicles that meet their needs, it is important to be able to access keys quickly for a test drive while the customer is in-the-mood to buy. Likewise, you do not want to waist unnecessary time and labor costs in your service department searching for vehicle keys, either when the technician needs the keys to work on the car or when the customer returns to pick up their vehicle. We offer a variety of solutions at different price points to help solve these problems.

Car lock boxes are a solution, where keys are stored in a secure box located on each vehicle in your lot. All of the lock boxes are accessed by a master key. This solution allows for quick access to any vehicles keys on the lot. We offer the Supra line of key boxes as well as an economy line if price is an important factor. The most popular key box is the Supra Indigo which offers a large storage area and a high quality construction. The downside of car lock boxes is that there is a potential for them to damage the vehicle as well as security concerns with storing the keys directly attached to the vehicle. Furthermore, with lock boxes, there is no control over which member of your staff has the keys in their possession.

If you are looking for a less expensive solution, we carry Masonite Key Boards, Rollable Key Cases, and Locking Key Cabinets which offer a solution whereby the keys are stored inside your dealership. The locking key boxes offer the added security over the key boards and rollable key cases in that they lock, however, the key boards and rollable key cases offer the ability to move them around easily. The concern with any of these solutions is that there is little control over who has the keys in their possession and if proper controls are not followed it can be difficult to locate keys. For example, if one salesman has recently taken a vehicle on a test drive and forgotten to return the keys, another salesmen may have to scramble around the showroom to look for the keys while a valuable customer is waiting.

If you are looking for the absolute best key control system for your dealerships, consider the Cobra Key System. We are an authorized distributor of Cobra Products and offer them at below the manufacturers suggested pricing to help save you money. This system allows for storage, control, and auditing of who has the keys. The way the system works is that each member of your staff is given a uniquely colored/numbered access key. When a staff member wants to check out a key, they insert their access key into the slot where the desired vehicle keys are stored. When the access key is inserted, the vehicle keys are released and the access key is locked into place. Then, when the vehicle keys are returned, the vehicle keys are locked into place and the access key is released. The result of this is that you know not only what keys are available, but also who has the keys that were checked out. The Cobra system is offered in key boards and cabinet varieties. This control system is also available to manage your license plates and work order holders.

Finally, we offer a selection of key rings for the storage of keys. The jailer key rings are a simple and inexpensive method of storing multiple keys, which can be effective for very small dealerships. We also offer a selection of tamper-proof key rings and flexible permanent-close key rings to provide an added layer of security to your keys so you can be sure that customers and employees are not opening key rings and tampering with them.

Choosing the correct key control system for your dealership, service department, auto repair shop, or auto body shop can be a daunting process. If you need assistance, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to help you find the best solution. We look forward to working with you to keep your business running smoothly.