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Cobra Key Systems for Auto Dealerships

We are an authorized distributor of Cobra Key Products. Maintaining organization and control of keys is critical to the smooth operation of any car dealership. Whether you need to locate a key for a test drive or simply to move a vehicle, it is important that the keys are stored in an organized manner so you do not waste critical time searching for them.

The Cobra Key System is designed with auto dealerships in mind and allows you not only to organize keys, but also keep track of them even after they have been checked out by your sales personnel and other staff.

Each member of your team is assigned a unique colored and numbered access key. When they would like to "check out" a set of keys for a vehicle, they simply insert their access key into the appropriate slot, which releases the vehicle keys, while locking the access key into the slot. When the vehicle keys are returned to the appropriate slot, the team member's access key is released. This allows management to always maintain control of which staff member has a particular vehicle's keys in their possession.

We carry several varieties of the Cobra Key System including Outback Cabinets, Locking Cabinets, Wall Boards, Dealer Plate Holders, and Work Order Holders. With the Plate Holders and Work Order Holders the same Cobra Technology is applied to Work Order Holders and License Plates to prevent misplacing items and provide a control mechanism to hold employees accountable.