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Cobra Key Systems, Automotive Key Control

We are an authorized distributor of Cobra Key Products. Maintaining organization and control of keys is critical to the smooth operation many types of businesses including car dealerships, banks, casinos, hotels, dormitories, valet services, parking garages, and much more. Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, the Cobra Key System is an extremely effective tool to protect and manage control of keys.

The system works by assigning each member of your team a unique colored and numbered access key. When they would like to "check out" a set of keys, they simply insert their access key into the appropriate slot, which releases the keys, while locking the access key into the slot. When the keys are returned to the appropriate slot, the team member's access key is released. This allows management to always maintain control of which staff member has a particular set of keys in their possession.

We carry all varieties of the Cobra Key System including Outback Cabinets, Locking Cabinets, Wall Boards, Dealer Plate Holders, and Work Order Holders. With the Plate Holders and Work Order Holders the same Cobra Technology is applied to Work Order Holders and License Plates to prevent misplacing items and provide a control mechanism to hold employees accountable. We also stock all of the accessories and replacement parts including the key loops, key units, access keys, master keys, and more.

Used Across Many Industries

Cobra Key Systems can be used across a variety of industries to manage and control keys. Some of the most popular industries include:

  • Car Dealerships, Car Rental Businesses, and Automotive Fleets use Cobra Key Systems to manage and control large quantities of keys of vehicles. Whether you need to locate a key for a test drive or simply to move a vehicle, it is important that the keys are stored in an organized manner so you do not waste critical time searching for them. The Cobra Key System is designed with auto dealerships in mind and allows you not only to organize keys, but also keep track of them even after they have been checked out by your sales personnel and other staff.
  • Banks and other financial institutions use cobra key systems to manage and control access to important areas such as vaults and filing systems.
  • Casinos, Hotels, & Dormitories utilize the Cobra Key Products to manage the keys for their guest rooms as well as other important areas within their facilities.
  • Valet Services & Parking Garages find good use of the Cobra Key products to manage and control guest's keys and prevent losing or misplacing them.

Cobra Key Systems Save Businesses Money

The cost of losing just one set of keys can be thousands of dollars, not including the potential loss of reputation. For example, if a parking garage or valet service were to accidentally loose a set of keys for a guest's car, the guest would be inconvenienced, the company would be responsible for the cost of replacing the keys from a dealership, and the company's reputation would suffer. The cost of Cobra Key Systems is minimal compared to the savings associated with preventing lost or misplaced keys.

Made in USA Quality

Cobra Key Systems are proudly manufactured in the United States from the highest quality materials available. Your keys are extremely valuable and it is very important to maintain control of them with the highest quality management system available. Cobra is the leader in quality and innovation of key control systems.

MBR Marketing is the Low Price Leader on Cobra Key Systems

MBR Marketing is one of the original distributors of Cobra Key Systems. We discovered this product line at a trade show more than 30 years ago and and since then have grown into one of the largest sellers of the Cobra Product line. Our volume and relationship allows us to offer the lowest prices in the United States. Moreover, our long history with this product line has afforded us the opportunity to become experts at finding the best key management solution for your business. If you have any questions about the cobra line and/or finding the right key control system for your business, please feel free to reach out to us by phone, email, or chat. We love working with customers to find the best solution.