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Cobra Mechanical Cabinets

The Cobra Mechanical Cabinets are comprised of a Cobra Wall Board with an included surrounding cabinet. This key control system offers the added advantage over the Wall Boards that it can be locked to restrict access. The Cobra Key Systems can be used to store keys across a variety of industries including auto dealerships, real estate, auto fleets, and much more. This system utilizes the trusted Cobra locking system to not only provide a storage system for keys, but also keep track of who has them. Members of your organization can simply insert their access key into the Cobra Key Lock which releases the keys. Returning the keys to the Cobra Key lock releases the Access Key. A Master Key allows a manager to move keys quickly and efficiently without damaging the Cobra Locks. We recommend providing each member of your team a uniquely colored/numbered access key to keep track of which employee has a set of keys in their possession. The cabinets are typically installed indoors so that staff-members can check-out and return sets of keys as needed.