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Custom Plastic Membership Cards & Key Tags

We offer a comprehensive selection of custom printed plastic membership and identification cards, all of which are printed in full color with your message, logo, or personalized imprint. These plastic cards are offered in the standard 2-1/8" x 3-3/8" which is referred to as the CR80 size. This is the same size used on most credit cards, so membership, loyalty, VIP or identification cards of this size will conveniently fit into customers' wallets. Our standard-sized custom plastic cards are constructed from Poly Laminate Plastic material, which offers a low cost, low minimums, and a high level of durability. Our Poly Laminate cards and key tags are first printed onto a white 10 mil tear-resistant plastic and are then over-laminated on both sides with either 5 mil or 10 mil clear material. The finished product is approximately 20 mil or 30 mil thick. The 20 mil thickness is available in high gloss only, while the 30 mil thickness material is available in high gloss or a matte finish which is ink receptive so that it can be written on with a pen. This material is able to be easily hole punched if needed and offers a very protected imprint, since the imprint is fully covered in a layer of plastic, meaning it will not be vulnerable to wear-and-tear caused by friction or scratching. The minimum order quantity for these are just 125 pcs.

In addition to the standard credit-card sized cards, we also offer break-away key tag and plastic card combination sets which include a membership card plus one or more key tags. Nearly every person carries keys with them at all times for the home and/or vehicle, so giving customers both a wallet-sized card and a key tag makes it very easy for them to carry their credentials with them at all times. In addition to being able to personalize these loyalty cards with your company name, logo, message, and colors, we can also print variable data on the cards, such as member number, member name, address, phone number, etc.. Regardless of whether your application is membership cards, rewards cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards or something else, purchasing custom printed plastic cards may seem like a daunting process. If you need assistance choosing the correct card for you application, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to assist you in making your selection.

Custom Plastic Cards for Many Applications

We provide plastic cards to an array of industries include private clubs, health care providers, retail stores, community organizations, associations, car repair shops, auto dealerships, and much more. Our plastic cards can be used to service as membership cards, VIP cards, Identifications Cards, and much more. Membership cards can be used for identification or credentials and can also serve to provide the recipient of the card with a sense of price and prestige for the symbolism of belonging to an organization. Loyalty and rewards cards can be used to encourage repeat business by offering rewards for repeat business. For example, you can print several small circles on each card which must be punched out with each purchase. As an example, an auto repair shop can have a rewards card where there are four circles to be punched out. After the customer purchases 4 oil changes, the fifth oil change can be be given for free as a reward for repeat business. This same principle can be applied to many industries including barber shops, salons, ice cream parlors, and much more.

Made in USA Quality

Our club, ID, and VIP plastic cards are proudly manufacturer in the United States using the finest quality materials available. When you purchase from MBR Marketing, you can buy with confidence that you will receive a plastic card that is professionally printed and has the durability to stand up to continuous use over time. We utilize state of the art digital printing on our plastic cards, which allows us to print in full color at no additional charge and does not limit us to only a small subset of available imprint colors. We can print any color in the rainbow and can even achieve complex shading patterns and high resolution photographic images on our cards at no additional cost.