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Custom Dealership Decals & Nameplates

Custom decals are used by car dealership as a way to leave their branding on a vehicle after the sale. We have been a leader in the development of thermal decals and have watched that product grow through the years. We produce many standard stock decals including die-cut decals, stroke domes, motorcycle decals, and much more. The thermal die-cut decals are constructed from a vinyl film with a permanent adhesive backing to withstand the elements. We offer two thicknesses (2 mil and 3 mil). The thinner material is more refined and durable and a little more expensive.

Custom Nameplates are the most traditional form branding used on the back of vehicles. They were originally designed to emulate the nameplates used by the manufacturers at the factory, but gradually have evolved into a broader category which encompasses many different materials. Today, they are used by car dealerships looking for a bold statement, however, the current most popular way to identify the dealership on the back of the vehicle are thermal die cut decals.

We offer a variety of different types of nameplates to meet many different budgets and desired appearances:

  • Domecal Nameplates are made from a plastic film that is printed with your logo and then covered with a thick polyurethane coating, which gives the nameplate a three-dimensional appearance and protects the imprint from the elements.
  • Custom Molded Nameplates are used when the traditional nameplate look is required. These are custom molded from plastic with your design and are available with a standard foil hot stamp imprint or the chrome plated variety for a high-end look. They are finished with an adhesive strip on the back.
  • Aluminum Nameplates are a very high end product that are used when the absolute highest quality and most durable nameplate is required.
  • Stock Design Dealer Cals are a plastic sticker which is offered in a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and sizes. These offer an inexpensive option with many design choices when price is an important concern.
  • Motorcycle Nameplates are offered in the Motorcycle Dealer Identification Decals, which are the same as our Stock Design Dealer Cals, but are smaller sized and the Motorcycle DomeCal Nameplates which are the same as our Domecal Nameplates, but also in a smaller size.
  • Stroke Dome Nameplates fall somewhere in the spectrum in between a nameplate and a decal. These are essentially the same as our Domecals, but offer a die-cut look which allows for more details. Like the domecals, these are made from a plastic film that is printed with your logo and then covered with thick polyurethane for a 3-D look and added protection from the environment.

Please reach out to us by chat, email, or phone if you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right decal for your applications. We have been a leader in selling decals to car dealerships for over 30 years and look forward to helping you achieve find the right product for your needs.

Applying Decals

To apply a thermal die-cut decal to a vehicle, follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the backing liner from the decal, exposing the permanent adhesive on the back side of the decal and the sticky side of the pre-mask.
  2. Place the decal in position and make sure you are comfortable with the alignment. When you are satisfied with the positioning, use either a squeegee or your hands to apply firm pressure from one end to the other, forcing all air bubbles out.
  3. Pull back the pre-mask at a 180 degree angle and slowly remove while making sure that all the letters and characters are secure on the vehicle.

Applying Nameplates

applying a nameplate to a vehicle is a bit simpler and does not require a squeegee. Simply remove the backing liner from the nameplate, and then place the nameplate into position on the vehicle. Then press firmly to secure the nameplate.

Other Applications for Nameplates

In addition to their use on the backs of vehicles, OEM manufacturers of other types of products including heavy equipment, golf carts, tractors, medical equipment, machinery, and much more will use nameplates to serve as an identifying label on the outside of their products. It is always an excellent idea to brand your products to develop an awareness and loyalty in the marketplace.