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Oil Change Stickers & Printers

Oil Change Stickers & Printers

Oil Changes stickers are an inexpensive way for auto dealership service departments, auto repair shops, tire centers, and much more to remind customers when they need to return for service, whether it be an oil change, tire rotation, tune-up, or something else. We carry generic stock designs and custom printed service reminder stickers in your choice of static cling or light adhesive that can be personalized with your company name and contact information to encourage repeat business.

Custom Oil Change Stickers

Our custom oil change labels can be be personalized with your company name, logo, or contact information, and can be designed in any custom configuration to meet the needs of your business. Available in static cling or light adhesive varieties, these stickers can be used to encourage repeat business for oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, and much more. Simply place the sticker on the inside of the windshield after the service is completed and then reap the benefits of increased customer retention.

  • Custom Individually Cut Write-On Oil Change Stickers are available in clear static cling or light adhesive material and measure 1-1/2" x 2-1/2". If you are looking for a white label, these can be flood printed with white ink to create the desired effect. These stickers are screen printed in your choice of up to four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White. The white imprint color is used to print the write-on spaces. This is our most popular style of write-on labels since they are offered at an extremely competitive price and satisfy the needs of most auto repair businesses.
  • Custom Rolls of 500 Oil Change Stickers are available in clear or white static cling or light adhesive material and are offered in two label sizes: 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" and 2-5/8" x 1-3/4". These labels are printed with durable flexographic printing with up to 4 of our 40 standard ink colors and we can also use any PMS color you'd like at not additional charge. These labels are the best choice if you like the convenience of having your labels on a roll, if you are looking for a custom label constructed from white material, if you are looking for a larger sticker, or if you require special imprint colors such as teal, orange, maroon, etc. that are not offered on our custom cut labels.
  • Custom Oil Change Stickers for Godex RT200i and Zebra TLP 2824 Printers are sold on rolls of 500 and are compatible with most Godex RT200i and Zebra TLP 2824 Oil Change Printer Systems. These stickers are custom printed using up to four colors using durable flexographic printing. They are offered in white or clear light adhesive or static cling and can be purchased in two sizes: 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" and 2-5/8" x 1-3/4" to work with most oil change printer systems.

Static Cling vs. Low Adhesive Labels

  • Static Cling oil change stickers are constructed from a clear plastic film, which easily adheres to the inside of any clean windshield. These labels offer the traditional look and feel that has been used in auto repair shops and service stations for many years. With static cling labels, there is no possibility of leaving residue behind on the windshield.
  • Light Adhesive labels are constructed from a clear plastic film and backed with a low-tack adhesive that is formulated to be easily removed without leaving any residue behind. Some customers prefer the light adhesive labels over static cling since the static cling labels can sometimes have difficulty adhering to the windshield in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold weather). These stickers easily adhere to the inside of any clean windshield.

Oil Change Printers

We carry the Godex RT200i which we program with with proprietary software that is more sophisticated than most competing machines. We include 24 program options and offer the ability for the user to customize or change the bottom two lines of text which print out on your oil change labels at any time by following the instructions in the included manual. The Godex RT200i printer is the finest quality oil change printer on the market, offering the best quality and durability combined with a low price point which makes this machine accessible to car repair businesses of all sizes. We offer the printer bundled with a flexible waterproof keyboard, printing ribbon, generic oil change stickers, and 24 pre-programmed layouts for the low price of just $499.99. This bundle includes everything needed to begin printing oil change stickers and service reminders! When the printer arrives, simply follow the instructions to customize the imprint with your company name and phone number. This oil change sticker printer offers the following features:

  • No PC Required! This printer is a standalone unit that operates with a keyboard and the built-in full color LCD screen.
  • Includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind.
  • High quality black printing that is smear-resistant and fade-resistant.
  • The very small footprint of this printer makes it the perfect choice automotive repair shops.
  • Choose between static cling or light adhesive labels.

Types of Oil Change Stickers

We offer a complete selection of oil change stickers to satisfy many different applications:

  • Custom Printed Write-On stickers: We offer custom printed write on oil change stickers in both rolls and loose form as well as both static cling and light adhesive varieties. The roll labels are the preferred choice when customers are looking for the convenience of a roll or prefer to use them with a roll label dispenser, when unusual imprint colors are required, when a white label is needed, or when a larger size is required.
  • Generic Write-on stickers: We offer two different generic static cling oil change stickers. The first style is printed with blue ink with a car at the top and the text, "Return for Service." This style features a space for the date and miles. The second style is printed with red ink with the text, "Check Your Oil Frequently" and an oil can as well as spaces to write in the "Next Service Due", "Date", and "Miles". These are the lowest cost option for return for service and oil change stickers.
  • Generic Labels for Godex Printers: We offer two styles of generic roll labels that are compatible with most Godex RT200i and Zebra TLP 2824 Oil Change Printer Systems. The first design is printed with black and red ink with an oil can design and reads, "Check Your Oil Frequently." The second design is printed with blue and black ink and features a wrench design that reads, "Return For Service." Both designs are offered in either static cling or light adhesive varieties on white material. The printer will print your desired program onto the blank area underneath these generic imprints.
  • Custom labels for Godex Printers: In addition to our generic stickers that are compatible with most Godex RT200i and Zebra TLP 2824 Oil Change Printer Systems, we can also custom print your company name, logo, and contact information on the top of the labels to give you an opportunity to increase your company's branding. These are also offered in static cling and light adhesive varieties on both white and clear material.

Consumable Supplies for Your Godex Printer

We offer all of the consumable supplies needed to keep your Godex oil change printer running smoothly including replacement ribbons and additional labels. One ribbon will yield approximately 1000 labels.

Other Uses for Return for Service Stickers

In addition to their traditional use for auto repair shops and car dealerships, return for service stickers can be used by various service companies including:

  • HVAC companies can adhere these stickers to an air conditioner or heater as a reminder of when their next service is recommended.
  • Chimney Sweeps and Fireplace inspection companies can leave a sticker on the glass fireplace surround as a reminder of when their next chimney sweep should be scheduled.
  • Lawn mower service companies can use these stickers to remind customers when the next oil change is recommended for their mower.
  • much more!

Godex Oil Change Stickers

We offer the most comprehensive selection of custom printed and stock oil change stickers for the Godex RT200i Oil Change Printer. Our selection includes stock stickers with two different vibrant designs as well as custom printed oil change stickers for the Godex machine. Our custom printed labels can be ordered in both low tack adhesive and static cling in your choice of clear or white. With the custom labels, we can personalize the stickers to work with any Godex Oil Change Printer system, so long as the system utilizes standard size labels.