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Custom Tire Covers, Personalized Spare Tire Covers

Custom Tire Covers

We specialize in providing custom printed tire covers which are personalized with the screen printed dealer imprint and sold in bulk at wholesale prices to Jeep & RV Auto Dealerships. Our custom tire covers are manufactured from durable, weather resistant material that is offered in your choice of black or white 9mm thick vinyl. This material is extremely rugged, designed to withstand frigid temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking. The covers are sewn together specifically to meet the precise dimensions of your tire(s). Then they are screen printed with durable UV resistant inks to create a custom imprint that will last for many years to come. Our personalized spare tire covers are finished with a durable bungee cord which allows for a secure fit. They can be printed with your company name, logo, or message - whatever you want; use your imagination! This product is popularly purchased by car dealerships (especially Jeep dealers), auto repair shops, tire centers, and many more types of companies and organizations who are looking to add their personalized imprint to a tire cover. Our customers include many of the largest and most successful Jeep and RV dealerships in The United States and Canada.

The tires on automobiles are constantly exposed to the elements including sun, rain, wind, and dirt. To prevent deterioration, tires are constructed with additives that are distributed through the tires by force as the vehicle is driven. These additives protect the rubber against cracking, discoloration, and degrading over time. Since the spare tire is not being driven and therefore is not exposed to the forces of the road which distributes the protective additives, it is beneficial to cover spare tires with a protective vinyl cover that shields the tire from the harmful UV light emitted by the sun, as well as moisture, dirt, and wind.

Superior Printing Quality

Compare our printing quality to the competition - We screen print our covers with durable inks, whereas, our competitors use inferior quality digital printing, air brushing, or paint. Screen printed tire covers offer the following advantages compared to digital printing:

  • Cost Savings - Screen printing is the most cost effective way to print a custom tire cover, especially in large quantities. We specialize in providing car dealerships and other large-quantity purchasers of personalized tire covers with the highest quality product at the lowest possible bulk wholesale pricing. Screen printing incurs a setup charge to create the screen, however, the cost per imprint is substantially lower than digital printing. Moreover, on repeat orders, since the screen has already been created, there is no setup charge, bringing the cost even lower in the long-term.
  • Vibrant & Durable Imprint - Screen printing offers the most durable, vibrant, and long-lasting imprint that will last for many years without fading or deteriorating. The edges of our imprint are extremely crisp and detailed, compared to digital printing which will fade very quickly and does not offer the ability to capture fine details.

What Size Tire Cover Should I Buy?

Tire Measurements

In order to calculate the correct size tire cover, you will need to utilize the measurements printed on the sidewalls of tire(s) you wish to cover. The information on the sidewalls of the tires that is pertinent to the purchase of tire covers is the tire width, aspect ratio, and wheel diameter. The location of these measurements are identified in the diagram to the right.

  • Tire Width: This measurement represents the width of the tire in millimeters from the outward most point of the inner sidewall to the outward most outer sidewall. This measurement can be converted to inches by dividing by 25.4. In the example tire to the right the tire width in millimeters is 215mm, which converts to 8.46in.
  • Aspect Ratio: This measurement represents the ratio of the tire's height to the tire's width. This measurement is required to calculate the sidewall height of the tire. In our example diagram, the aspect ratio is 65, while the tire width is 215, therefore, the sidewall height of this tire is 215 x 65% = 139.75mm or 5.5in.
  • Wheel Diameter: The measurement for the rim diameter is provided in inches. On our example, the wheel diameter is 15in.
How to Calculate The Required Tire Cover Size Manually

Once you have identified the three aforementioned measurements on your tire, you can calculate the tire diameter and thus the correct size tire cover. To calculate the tire diameter including the rim and the tire sidewall height, add together 2 times the sidewall height plus the wheel diameter. Based on our example tire, the total tire diameter is:

(2 x 5.5in) + 15in = 26in.

Once you have the tire diameter, round to the nearest half inch to determine the correct size tire cover. Since the tire covers feature a bungee cord which stretches, the size is forgiving. Even a tire cover that is slightly larger or smaller by a fraction of an inch will still fit your tire well. By rounding to the nearest half inch, the tire over will always be within 0.25 inches of the tire size, which makes for a perfect fit every time.

Tire Cover Size Calculator Tool

Calculating the diameter of your tire can be an arduous task, so we have created a convenient calculator below, which you may use to calculate the correct size cover(s) for your tire(s).

We Are Here to Help!

Purchasing custom tire covers can be a challenging and confusing process, especially determining the size(s) for your application. If you need assistance, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to help guide you through the process!

Important Notes When Ordering

  • When placing your order, we ask that you include the full number from the side of your tire(s). This will allow us to confirm that you are ordering the correct tire size cover. In our example, the tire number would be: P215 / 65R15 89H.
  • Make sure to check the size of the spare tire. In some cases, the spare tire may be a different size from the tires already installed on the vehicle.

Custom Made to Your Specifications

We manufacture our tire covers to the precise size needed to fit your tires. Compare us to competitors who offer only a few standard sizes, meaning the tire cover is not always a perfect fit. Our tire covers are proudly manufactured to spec and printed in the United States so you get a perfect fit every time with a high quality and durable screen printed imprint. If you require a size not shown, please contact us and we can make it for you!

Imprint Size & Colors

Our most popular imprint color is a white imprint on the black tire covers, however, we have hundreds of ink colors in stock to meet the needs of any customer. Compare our full rainbow of imprint colors available to competitors who only offer white ink! The maximum imprint size on our tire covers is 21 inches in diameter.

Mix-N-Match Tire Cover Sizes With The Same Imprint

If you have multiple tires that require covers, where some of them are different sizes, however you would like the same imprint on all of them, we offer combined pricing to save you money and help you reach the minimum order quantity. For example, if you are looking to purchase (5) 30", (5) 32", (10) 33", and (5) 34" custom tire covers, you will be charged the 25 qty price for each size cover.

Backup Cameras

We are able to accommodate vehicles with a centrally-positioned backup camera such as Jeeps, by installing a hole in the center of the tire cover for a small additional charge.