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Custom Keychains

We offer a comprehensive selection of imprinted keychains to satisfy the needs of almost any car dealership. Putting your company logo on a key fob is a great way to keep your name in front of customers as they are likely to keep the keychain for the duration of their ownership of the vehicle since it serves the useful purpose of holding their keys.

Our Soft Touch Keychains are our most popular option. They are made from durable flexible soft vinyl and are screen printed with a brilliant enamel imprint that lasts for years. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to satisfy a wide array of applications.

Choosing a key chain with a higher perceived value can help increase the odds that customers will hold onto the key fob with your logo for the long term. If you are looking for a premium product with a high perceived value, consider our Prestige Keychains, Iron Die-Struck Keychains, or Dome Keychains. The Dome Keychains are made from polished metal with a polyurethane dome covering the imprint, whereas the Prestige Keychains are made from stainless steel and engraved with your company logo. The Iron Die-Struck Keychains are made from iron with your choice of a raised or recessed imprint for a truly classy look.

Our Aluminum and Stainless Steel Keychains are also good options when you are looking for a product with a high perceived value, however, these products offer a much lower price point.

Punchable Keychains are made from PET film and are used by companies looking to offer a frequent purchase program. These keychains help to promote customer loyalty and also encourage customers to hold on to them longer since they can earn a reward after a set number of purchases.

The Rigid Plastic Keychains, which are made from semi-flexible PET and printed with your logo are extremely durable and offer a very affordable price point

Showring Tags are a classic option which have been used by dealerships for many years. The clip on these tags is easily removed, making adding a removing keys very simple.

Our Acrylic Keychains offer the advantage of a fully enclosed imprint that is extremely durable and affordable.

The Poly Spectrum Keychains, which are made from laminated PET film are an inexpensive and durable option which offers the added benefit of a full color digital imprint.

Purchasing custom imprinted key chains can seem like a daunting task with all of the options available. Please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to help you find the perfect keychain to meet your application and budget.

Many Applications for Personalized Keychains

Almost every person in the United States uses keys on a daily basis to access their home, vehicle, locker, etc... This makes custom printed key chains a versatile promotional giveaway that can be used across almost any industry:

  • Our core business is selling to auto dealerships who use these personalized key-holders as a give-away when a customer purchases a vehicle. The customer is likely to keep the keychain for a long time since it serves the purpose of holding their vehicle's keys. Likewise, auto repair shops, service departments, and auto body shops can return customer keys with an attached key fob to promote brand awareness.
  • Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Developers can use imprinted key chains as a give-away when they close the deal on a new house. The Average person stays in a house only about 7 years, so there may be opportunities in the future to sell this customer their next house or to gain valuable referrals from family and friends. Keep your name in front of them on a daily basis with a customized key fob.
  • Personalized Keychains are a unique giveaway/party favor for attendees of Weddings, Bachelorette parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties, Anniversary Parties, and much more. The personalized message serves to all as a reminder of the event. Attendees are likely to hold on to the item; The Keychain will endure for a long time as a keepsake of the meaningful and memorable event.
  • These are also a nice item for schools and sports teams; Schools and sports teams will often purchase personalized keychains with their colors, mascott, and logo to sell as a fund-raiser or to give away to students or alumni as a way to represent their school pride.
  • Customized key-chains can be used across a variety of business functions such as a giveaway at a grand opening or special event, or can be used as corporate gifts for high-performing employees or during the holiday season.

Choosing the Right Design

Keychains are widely used in our society. Because of this, they have become one of the most popular imprinted promotional items and thus, People generally have a lot of choices when selecting their personal keychain. It is important to really make your keychain stand out in order to have the desired result. In a perfect world, your customer will use the key chain for years to come, seeing your brand name on a daily basis, resulting in a strong awareness of your company or brand. We reccommend the following tips to help your keychain stand out:

  • We recommend choosing a keychain with a high perceived value when your budget permits to be able to distribute the highest quality keychain possible so that your customers are most likely to use them for years to come.
  • Choose a durable keychain that is likely to last; Remember, this item now has your logo printed on it is associated with your brand; You want the item that will last and serve as a symbol of your brand for many years.
  • Choose a keychain that ties into your brand. For example, if you are a Lexus or Audi dealership, your ought to choose a higher end key fob that is in keeping with the product you sell. Alternatively, if you are a sports team, choose a vibrant colored keychain with your team's colors. If you are using these as a party favor for an event, choose a design that is consistent with the theme; If you had an elegant wedding, consider a high-class engraved stainless keychain.  If your key chain is a give-away at an 80s-theme-party consider bright colors that tie into the event.

Printing Techniques

We offer three different printing methods for our keychains:

  • Screen printing is a traditional printing method, whereby ink is pushed through a screen for a crisp, long-lasting, vibrant solid colored imprint. Screen printing is extremely durable, but large quantities are required and many-color imprints can be costly.
  • Digital printing is used when a full color imprint is required or for small quantities. Digital printing is not as durable or vibrant as screen printing.
  • Engraving is used on metal key fobs for a high end classy look. This is a very durable imprinting technique and the minimums are small.