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Custom Printed Bottle Opener Keychains

Our custom printed bottle opener keychains are constructed from durable aluminum with an elegant anodized finish. Providing your customers with a bottle opener key tag provides incentive for the customer to keep this promotional item which is emblazoned with your logo, rather than discarding it into the trash bin with most other promotional products.  This item provides utility in that it allows users to open their favorite beverage with ease.

Our most popular bottle-opener keychain is the MB7031, which is a classic-shaped bottle opener with a large flat area for your imprint that is screen printed with durable inks for the most vibrant and long-lasting imprint. The screen printed imprint allows you to choose from an infinite number of imprint colors, all of which are extremely durable and vibrant. This item is available in Aluminum, Black, Blue, & Red.

We also carry the MB7055, which is shaped like a bottle, and features a slot for opening bottles. This key fob also features a very large imprint area and a unique eye-catching design. This item is personalized with your company name, logo, and message in durable screen printing and is offered in Aluminum, Black, Blue, & Red.

Our MB7024 Aluminum Bottle Opener & Flashlight Key Fobs are a highly unique design that features both a flashlight and a bottle opener. This product includes 3 LED bulbs and an on/off switch and comes with batteries installed. This product is constructed from aluminum with an anodized finish and is laser engraving with your company name, logo, or message. These are available in four popular colors: Black, Blue, Green, & Red. The included flashlight provides further incentive for customers to hold on to these useful key tags for use in navigating low-light situations.

Customers keep bottle opener keychains since they provide a useful purpose! Throughout the life of the keychain, your company name and message will be in front of your customers providing consistent reinforcement that encourages repeat business!