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No Smoking & No Pets Key Tags & Stickers for Auto Dealerships

We offer a comprehensive selection of No Smoking & No Pets Key Tags & Stickers, which are designed to be used by auto dealerships and auto rental companies communicate clearly with customers that smoking and/or pets are prohibited in loaner vehicles, rental cars, and demos. The goal is to discourage customers from smoking or using the vehicles to transport pets, thus reducing any potential damage to the car. Many auto dealership service departments use our No Smoking Key Tags and stickers with all of their loaner cars to protect their investment.

We offer stock No Smoking key tags, which are constructed from durable .055 polyethylene and are printed on both sides with black cigarette inside of a red circle with a cross through it. We also offer key tags that are printed on one side with a no pets (dogs and cats) message and on the other side with a no smoking design. Both of these key tags are offered in packages of 100 or 250. These key tags are designed to prevent both traditional smoking as well as e-cigarette smoking and vaping. In addition to our stock key tags, we also offer Custom Printed Key Tags, which are constructed from durable Poly Laminate Material and personalized with your custom shape, size, and full color imprint on the front and back. These custom key tags can include your company name, colors, and message, along with a message encouraging customers to refrain from smoking in the vehicle.

We also offer static cling and adhesive stickers in both white and clear varieties which can be applied to both the inside and the outside of the vehicle, which are printed with messages to discourage customers from smoking in the vehicle or transporting their pets. The messages read, "Thank You For Not Smoking" and "Thank You For Keep This Vehicle Clean." These stickers are offered in both inside and outside application varieties. We can also personalize No Smoking Stickers on Static Cling, Clear Adhesive, or White Adhesive material, which allows you to promote your brand while promoting cleanliness within your dealership's rental vehicles.  Our Custom Printed No Smoking Stickers and Key Tags are a great way to reduce damage to your loaner vehicles, while also promoting your auto dealership or car rental company.