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Custom Dealer Laser Window Labels & Sticker Sheets

Dealer Laser Window Stickers

We offer the most comprehensive selection of custom printed and blank laser labels for auto dealerships in the industry. Our selection includes three different styles of laser labels and many different shapes and configurations to meet the needs of any car lot. These stickers adhere to the side window of the vehicle to communicate important sales-related information and pricing about the vehicle for sale to prospective buyers. Our dealer laser labels are used by both new and used car dealerships and are perfect for use as buyers guides or addendum stickers.

Our auto dealer laser stickers are constructed with a special adhesive that will adhere to the car window, yet can be removed without leaving any permanent adhesive residue behind. There is a die-cut adhesive border around the edge of the labels that can be removed and allows for the label to be adhered to the windshield. After the sale is completed, the label can be removed from the backing and applied to a piece of paper so the customer will be able to retain this important information in their records.

  • Custom Printed Automotive Laser Sheets - We utilize full color digital printing to personalize the labels with your dealerships logo and and messaging in durable fade-resistant inks. Full Color Digital Printing offers a durable imprint where there are no limitations of the number of colors. We can even print high resolution photographic images and complex shading patterns at no additional cost. When you receive the labels, you can simply run them through your laser printer to print the specific information about a particular vehicle. The custom printed labels are designed to resemble the manufacturer-issued stickers used on new vehicles for sale and help to create a totally professional appearance at your dealership.
  • Blank Dealer Sticker Sheets - Our blank sticker sheets are compatible with laser printers and are ideal for car dealerships who wish to print their own graphics and pricing information on the stickers for application onto the vehicle. Printing labels yourself offers a substantial cost savings and when done properly can create a very attractive and professional display. Please keep in mind that our labels are compatible with laser printers only - our labels are not compatible with inkjet printers.

We carry three types of dealer labels to meet the needs of any new or used car dealership.

  • Paper-Backed Laser Window Labels - Our Paper-Backed Printed Laser Window Labels feature an adhesive boarder for application onto the inside of the vehicle's side window so that the printed side is visible from the outside of the car. Simply peel off the adhesive strips on all four sides and adhere the sticker to the the window on inside of the vehicle.
  • Outdoor Application Laser Window Labels - Our exclusive Outdoor Application Dealership Laser Window Labels feature an adhesive border for application onto the outside of the vehicle's side window. This is an exclusive style available from MBR Marketing! These laser forms are applied to the exterior of vehicle windows to ensure visibility. Weather elements, car tint, and extra hardware all make it difficult to view traditional paper backed laser labels from the outside of a vehicle. Tinted windows are a problem of the past and there is no need to buy extra hardware! Our outdoor laser window labels are constructed from a special waterproof material to withstand the elements.

For many auto dealerships, choosing between the many sizes and styles of dealer laser sticker sheets available and choosing the best design may be a daunting process. If you need assistance making your selection, please reach out to us by phone, fax, or chat and we will be happy to help!

How to Use Auto Dealer Laser Labels

  1. Place the pre-printed label sheets in your laser printer tray.
  2. Using a computer, prepare the layout of the document to be compatible with the layout of the custom printed laser sticker sheets. Then print the specific information about the vehicle onto the label.
  3. Peel away the adhesive border around the four edges of the label.
  4. Apply the label to the side inside or outside of the window of the vehicle (depending upon the type of label you have purchased).

Comprehensive Selection of Sizes

We offer many different sizes of labels to meet the needs of any auto dealerships, whether you are looking to customize a buyers guide, addendum sticker, or other promotional sticker with vehicle information on the side window of the car for sale. The 8-1/2" x 11" label sheets are the most popular size and are commonly used for buyers guides, while the 3-1/8" x 11", 4-1/4" x 11", and 2-3/4" x 11" sizes are typically used for custom addendum stickers. We carry most of our sticker sheets in 1-up form, meaning that there is one label per sheet, however, we also carry labels in 2-up form for the 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and 4-1/4" x 11" sizes and 3-up form for the 2-3/4" x 11" size. Having multiple labels on one sheet allows you to print multiple labels at one time in your laser printer which affords cost savings.