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    Blank "Clear Back" Dealership Laser Window Labels - 3 Up (2-3/4" x 11") (Package of 50)
  • Blank "Clear Back" Laser Window Labels feature a clear plastic mylar backing with an adhesive border for application onto the inside of the vehicle's side window so that the printed side is visible from the outside of the car.
  • These Custom Labels are sold on sheets of 3 labels. Each sheet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and each label measures 2-3/4" x 11".
  • The clear plastic material provides a clear seal around the edges.
  • These type of labels are sometimes referred to as KLEER BACK, KLR BACK, or Clear Back.
  • These stickers are designed for use by new and used car dealerships to display important information about vehicles. They resemble the manufacturer-issued stickers used on new vehicles for sale.
  • Perfect for use as buyers guides or addendums!
  • These forms are compatible with laser printers.
  • Simply peel off the adhesive strips on all four sides and adhere the sticker to the window on the inside of the vehicle.
  • Sold in packages of 50 sheets. Each sheet contains 3 labels, so each package contains 150 labels.

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Blank "Clear Back" Dealership Laser Window Labels - 3 Up (2-3/4" x 11") (Package of 50)

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