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Car Buyer Guides & Warranty Forms

Buyers guide are forms used by auto dealerships to communicate to customers what is covered under warranty and the duration of the coverage for a particular used car.

Our "As Is" forms contain a series of check boxes where the dealer can indicate whether the vehicle is being sold "As Is," meaning that there is no warranty or with a "Warranty." When the dealer checks the box indicating that the vehicle is sold with a warranty, they can specify whether it is a full or limited warranty and the extent of the coverage. Some of our forms have lines and others are sold without lines. The dealer can write the details of the coverage on the lines or the blank area without lines. At the bottom of the form there are additional check boxes to indicate non-dealer warranties such as manufacturer warranties or third party warranties.

Some states, such as New Jersey do not allow auto dealers to sell vehicles "As Is." Instead, those states require that some warranty must be "Implied" even if it is not verbally communicated. For these states, we offer Implied Warranty Buyers Guides. One these forms, instead of the usual "As Is" checkbox, there is a checkbox which reads, "Implied Warranties Only." The implied warranty means that the dealer is not offering any warranty, however, there may be certain rights provided by state laws that give the customer some rights to have the dealer take care of serious problems that were not apparent when the customer purchased the vehicle.

All of our buyers guides are offered in a 2-part carbonless form which is comprised of white, white paper stock and measure 7-1/3" x 11-3/4." These forms have an adhesive strip on top and bottom of the form to adhere to the vehicle's window. We also offer 1-part forms which measure 8-1/2" x 11" and have adhesive on all 4 sides. The 1-part forms are compatible with laser printers, whereas, the 2-part forms are typically completed by hand.

All of our buyers guide forms are offered in varieties with lines or without lines. Most dealerships purchase the forms with lines where the details of the warranty are written, however, you can also purchase the forms without lines if that style is preferred.

Each of our car buyers forms are offered in English-language and Spanish-language options to cater to customers who speak either or both languages.

We also offer a hanging buyers guide which hangs on the rear-view mirror of the car. This buyers guide gives you the most flexibility of hanging options since it can either be hung on the mirror or attached to the window with adhesive strips on the top and bottom.

We offer two different options of holders for buyers guides. By default, all of our buyers guides come with either 2 or 4 adhesive strips or a hole to hang on the rear-view mirror, however, if you are concerned about damaging the car with adhesive, consider using on of our buyers guide holders. We offer a suction cup buyers guide holder and a holder which clips onto the window of the vehicle.

Regardless of your auto dealership's needs, we have the buyers guide for you. Choosing the correct buyers guide can be a complicated process with all of the options. If you need assistance, please reach out to us by phone, chat, or email and we will be happy to help you make the correct selection.