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Cobra Outback Cabinets

The Outback is a secure, portable, outdoor key management system that allows you to keep your keys at your fingertips. This system eliminates the need for lock boxes at your car dealership which are more expensive and pose a risk of damaging the vehicle. The system is comprised of key boards which are enclosed in a cabinet that has a handle at the top. The cabinet can be mounted outdoors using the included mounting bracket and straps. Just lift the Outback into place, snap the guides into the mounting bracket and lock the cabinet to the bracket using the internal locking system. At the end of the day, simply remove The Outback and store it safely and securely inside your building. The four point stainless steel band system holds the mounting bracket securely in place. The adjustable straps allow it to be mounted easily on any size pole or post. The Outback is lightweight! With the fully assembled cabinet weighing in at only 29.5 lbs, carrying it to it's designated spot is a breeze. The sturdy top handle makes for easy handling while transporting, mounting and dismounting.

Maintain Sales Momentum

Don't lose your customer while searching for the keys. With the Outback, the keys are on the lot, where you need them, when you need them. Your sales team can continue their conversation with the customer as they step over to the Outback and quickly get the keys for the test drive.


Keep an Outback in each section of your lot giving access to keys on-the-lot, on-demand. When you get the keys for the test drive, check out the dealer plate from the same cabinet.


The Outback is equipped with 3 levels of security:

  1. To ensure the Outback is never left open or unlocked while unattended, the key to the External Three Point Lock System can only be removed when it is in the locked position.
  2. The Outback is secured to the mounting bracket with an interior pin lock.
  3. Inside, each vehicle key is secured with the trusted Cobra Key Management System.


Cabinet is constructed from lightweight .100 5052-H32 aluminum. It's powder coated glossy gray finish makes for ease of care and cleaning. The weather resistant seal will help to control moisture

Trusted Cobra Key System

A user simply inserts their Access Key into the Cobra Key Lock which releases a set of vehicle keys. Returning the vehicle keys to the Cobra Key lock releases the Access Key. A Master Key allows a manager to move keys quickly and efficiently without damaging the Cobra Locks.