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  • Cobra Outback Locking Cabinets are a key management system that is designed to be stored outdoors on the lot for easy access by your sales personnel, so that customers do not have to wait long while the salesman searches for the keys.
  • Easy to mount in the morning, and bring inside at night.
  • Cabinet is constructed from lightweight .100 5052-H32 aluminum and powder coated with a glossy gray finish which makes care and cleaning easy. The weather resistant seal helps to control moisture.
  • Keep an Outback in each section of your lot giving access to keys on-the-lot, on-demand.
  • Much less expensive then outfitting your lot with car lock boxes and does not damage the vehicles.
  • The Outback is equipped with 3 levels of security:
    1. To ensure the Outback is never left open or unlocked while unattended, the key to the External Three Point Lock System can only be removed when it is in the locked position.
    2. The Outback is secured to the mounting bracket with an interior pin lock.
    3. Inside, each vehicle key is secured with the trusted Cobra Key Management System.
  • Offset rows allow the keys to hang evenly.
  • Overall Dimensions: 35.75" high x 18.25" wide x 8" deep
  • Comes with 123 Key Holders, 10 Access Keys, 1 Master Key, 82 Plastic Key Tags, 2 Cabinet Keys, and the Manual
  • Includes mounting bracket and banding kit
  • Simply attach the Plastic Key Tags to the key holders and then snap the key holders into the key units.
  • Access keys are used to "check out" or "return" sets of vehicle keys. When a set of vehicle keys is checked out, the access key remains locked in the board at the located of the checkout out item. When the vehicle keys are returned, the access key is released.
  • Consider giving each salesmen a uniquely colored/numbered access key to keep track of which employee has a set of keys or license plate in their possession.
  • The master key is used to remove a set of vehicle keys without having the access key locked into the cabinet.

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Cobra Outback Key Cabinet - 82 Keys

Item #: OC82
  • Price: $1,495.00