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Pennant Strings & Streamers

We offer a comprehensive selection of Pennant Strings, all of which are proudly manufactured in the United States. String Pennants are a great choice for auto dealerships, retail businesses, gas stations, and many more types of companies who are looking for a vibrant way to attach the attention of prospective customers. We have sold pennant banners to array of companies and organizations including churches, convention centers, events, food stores, and much more! You will find that we offer extremely competitive pricing and the largest selection in the industry. We offer our string pennants in three materials:

  • 8 Mil Polyethylene is the most popular choice for triangle string pennants since this material offers a good balance between durability and value.
  • 4 Mil Polyethylene is the most economical choice for triangle string pennants and is also used on fiesta pennants and metallic streamers. Since triangle string pennants feature a large surface area that is exposed to the elements, 4 mil thick triangle string pennants should only be used for very short-term installations. In contrast, metallic streamers and fiesta pennants are constructed from thin strips which have less exposure to the elements and therefore, the 4 mil thick material is very durable and long-lasting in the metallic streamers and fiesta pennants. The metallic 4 mil polyethylene material is the same as the non-metallic material, except it has an additional aluminum coating to give the metallic appearance.
  • Plasticloth is a vinyl-coated cloth that is the the most durable material available for triangle string pennants when quality is the number one concern. Please note when purchasing fluorescent plasticloth pennants that the colors will fade due to exposure to the sun light. The non-fluorescent plasticloth pennants feature vibrant colors that last a long time.

We have been an industry leader in selling pennants for over 30 years, offering pennants strings in an array of different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. We can even print custom pennant strings with your personalized message! Although many local ordinances have curtailed the use of pennant strings and streamers in some parts of the country, we still have many customers who are able to use pennant strings effectively to attract attention to their businesses, organizations, and events. If you need assistance selecting the correct pennant flags for your application, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat and we will be happy to help you make the right selection.

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Wide Selection of Pennant Strings

Our complete selection of pennant strings includes rectangles flag strings, banner strings, and triangle pennant strings in colorful and fluorescent varieties. Each of our pennant strings has particular applications where they can be effectively used.

  • Custom Pennant Strings are a great choice when you require pennant strings personalized with your company name, logo, or message. We offer 12" x 18" triangle pennant strings and 9" x 12" rectangular pennant strings which are printed with vibrant full color digital printing. With our printing process, there is no limit to the colors used - we can even print high resolution photographic images and complex shading patterns at not additional charge. We have the ability to print on one side of the pennants or both sides and offer the option of 30 ft. long or 60 ft long strings.
  • Fluorescent Pennant Strings are the most vibrant type of pennant strings available. They are manufactured from durable plasticloth and are available in 3 sizes of triangle pennant strings as well as an array of different color combinations. These are offered on sag-resistant plastic-coated ropes ranging from 30 ft. to 110 ft. long.  Please note that the fluorescent material is very prone to fading from the sunlight and is not intended to last a long time. The fluorescent colors offer a huge impact in terms of attracting attention!
  • Colorful Pennant Strings are the most popular type of pennant strings. We offer these in three popular sizes, all of which can made in a varieties of different colors and color combinations. Our colorful pennant strings are available in 4 mil polyethylene for short-term use at events and promotions or the more durable 8 mil polyethylene for extended use such as a decoration outside of a car dealership or retail business. The most popular shape is the 9" x 12" triangles, however, the 12" x 18" and 6" x 18" also offer a nice change of pace.
  • Banner Strings are a series of 4 mil polyethylene banners that are printed with your choice of an array of different messages including Grand Opening, Nosotros Financiamos, Sale, Used Car Sale, Venta, We Finance, Big Sale, Smiley Face, Now Renting, Open, & Welcome. We offer two different attractive and vibrant modern designs. The first design option features a blue background with bold red lettering outlined in white, which coordinates with patriotic red/white/blue decorations. The second option features an eye-catching yellow design with multi-colored confetti in the background and bold black text. Regardless of the design, the banners measure 18" x 12" and are offered on your choice of 60ft or 30ft long ropes.
  • American Flag & Patriotic Pennant Strings are the best choice when decorating with an American theme, such as on patriotic occasions like the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Many companies opt for patriotic themes all-year-round as well. Choose from our most popular American Flag strings which feature rectangular US flags on a string or patriotic decoration pennant strings such as our American pennants or our pleated fan pennant strings. Decorating with red, white, and blue is always a popular choice for companies such as car dealerships, retail stores, carnivals, and much more.
  • Checkered Flag Strings are a great choice for businesses decorating with a racing motif such as race tracks, auto shows, car dealerships, auto service centers, gas stations, and much more. We carry checkered pennant strings in rectangular flag varieties and triangle pennant varieties in black/white, black/yellow, blue/white, and blue/red. All varieties are offered in an assortment of different lengths in both 4 mil polyethylene and 8 mil polyethylene.
  • Metallic Pennants & Streamers are constructed from 4 mil polyethylene that is coated with a special aluminum treatment that gives the film a metallic glistening appearance. The metallic pennant strings are offered in many different colors and color assortments to match the color scheme of any business or event. The 6" x 18" triangle pennants and the metallic fringe streamers are available in both solid color and stripes color varieties. We also offer the metallic finger pennant which is a unique type of metallic streamer that looks like fingers dangling in the wind.
  • Antenna Pennants are a great choice for car dealerships looking to decorate the front-line of their car lot. We offer American flag, checkered flag, colorful, metallic, and fluorescent options to create the precise look your dealerships is looking to achieve.

Colorful pennant Strings Deter Wildlife

We have many customers who purchase our colorful pennant strings for use in deterring wildlife from their properties. For example, colorful pennants and metallic streamers have been found by some customers to effectively deter woodpeckers from wooden homes. Other customers have found that they help keep geese and other unwanted birds away from their homes, especially in areas that are located near water such as rivers, lakes, and creeks.