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Metallic Streamers & Pennant Strings

Our Metallic Pennant Strings and streamers are constructed from 4 mil polyethylene that is metallized with an aluminum coating to provide a vibrant metallic appearance. Our triangle pennant strings are offered in 6" x 18" triangles in both striped and assorted color varieties. The striped metallic pennant strings are available in red/silver, blue/silver, and red/blue/silver, while the assorted metallic pennant strings are offered in dozens of different vibrant metallic color combinations. We also offer three styles of metallic streamers, each of which are offered in an array of color options. The metallic fringe streamers are offered in striped or solid color varieties, while the finger streamers are offered in an array of different metallic color combinations. Metallic pennant strings offer one of the most vibrant and eye-catching options to draw the attention of prospective customers to your business.