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Flagpoles & Hardware

We offer a complete selection of flagpoles, brackets, and other hardware for outdoor flags, indoor flags, and stick flags at factory direct prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and let us help you find the correct hardware for your application.

Outdoor Hardware

We offer all of the requisite outdoor hardware for properly displaying your flag. Our Cast Aluminum Brackets are available in several styles and are used to display a 6 ft flagpole at an an angle off of the front of a building, most commonly on the front porch of a house. These brackets are properly sized to fit our wall-mount flagpoles which are offered in several styles, some of which are made from aluminum and some from wood. Our crazy bracket and interceptor flags are used to display the associated type of flag on a light standard. Crazy bracket flag hardware spins in the breeze to create a vibrant display, while interceptor brackets hold a flag open and fully visible so the message can be clearly viewed by prospective customers. We offer several sizes of residential in-ground flagpoles which are economically priced and constructed from aluminum. Finally, we offer a comprehensive selection of feather flag hardware for our Swooper Flags and Wind-Free flags.

Indoor Hardware

We offer a complete selection indoor flag hardware to make beautiful indoor flag presentation. Our indoor flagpoles are constructed from two sections of durable oak with a brass connection. Our indoor bases are made from molded plastic with a metallic coating and can be filled with water or sand to provide weight. We also offer a complete selection of indoor flagpole ornaments from eagles to spears and everything in-between which are made from plastic with a gold metallic coating. Finally, our flag spreaders and tassel are the perfect finishing touches to your indoor flag presentation.

Stick Flag Hardware

Our stick flag stands are constructed from injection molded black plastic and are available with one, two, three, or four holes. These are the perfect inexpensive way to display stick flags on a desk, in a classroom, or on a table.