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Wall-Mount Flagpoles

We offer a complete selection of wall-mount flagpoles which can be used to display a flag in front of your home or business. Most commonly, these poles are used to display a flag on the front porch of a home. We offer two colors of our 6ft aluminum spinning poles. These poles are constructed of 2 sections of aluminum which spin in the breeze to prevent the flag from getting tangled around the poles. These are our most popular and durable poles. The spinning poles are 6ft long, which makes them ideal for displaying a 3ft x 5ft flag. We also offer a 5ft mahogany-colored wooden flagpole, which is ideal for those looking for the wood-look or who are looking to display a 2.5ft. x 4ft. flag. All of our wall-mount poles can be used with flags that have grommets or a sleeve. Grommets can be attached to the supplied o-rings or the tab in the flag's sleeve can be hooked onto the clip at the top of the pole.