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Fluorescent Triangle Pennant Strings

Our fluorescent pennant strings are constructed from our most durable plasticloth material, which is a vinyl coated cloth. Fluorescent colors are extremely vibrant, however, they not last a long time since the sun will fade the colors quickly. We offer these fluorescent triangle pennant strings in three sizes: 12" x 18", 6" x 18", and 9" x 12." as well as our antenna pennant-size.  These are offered on array of lengths ranging from 30ft to 110ft long ropes, all of which re constructed from sag-resistant, double-sewn, plastic-coated rope. The fluorescent pennant strings are offered in your choice of 8 popular color combinations to match the color scheme of any company, organization, or event.  Fluorescent colors are the right choice for your event or promotion if you are looking for pennant strings that are extremely vibrant, highly visible, and draw maximum attention, but do not need them to last for a long time.