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Custom Inside Application Parking Stickers

Our Custom Inside The Vehicle Parking Stickers are constructed from your choice of clear PET film or static cling material. The stickers are printed on one side so they are visible from the outside of the windshield. The static cling material offers the advantage of being reusable and not utilizing adhesive so there is no risk of leaving adhesive behind on the windshield. In contrast, the adhesive PET stickers are less expensive and stick the windshield with ease. The standard printing method for these inside parking stickers is screen printing. Screen printing includes a white backing imprint, plus an additional color of your choice which is printed on top of the white. If a full color imprint is required, we can print the stickers with digital printing, rather than a second screen print color for an additional charge. These stickers are offered in two standard sizes or you can choose your own custom die-cut shape for a totally unique and personalized sticker.