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  • 24" Disposable Plastic Steering Wheel Covers are constructed from durable polyethylene film with 2 elastic bands around the edge to secure the cover around the steering wheel.
  • Our steering wheel covers are longer than most of the competing covers on the market. The actual measurements of our covers are 64cm x 13cm (25.2" x 5.12"). The 25.2" size is designed to comfortably fit over a 24" steering wheel cover without breaking. In comparison, most of our competitors also label their steering wheel covers as 24", however, the actual size is only 60cm x 10cm (23.62" x 3.94"). The smaller covers sold by most of our competitors can break on larger steering wheels.
  • Each cover slips easily on steering wheels and is held into place by two extra-durable elastic bands. Not all elastic bands are created equal - We use the finest quality extra thick elastic bands that hold the covers in place without breaking!
  • Perfect for use by auto dealer service departments, auto repair shops, auto body shops, valet services, parking lots, parking garages, and much more.
  • Fits steering wheels up to 24" diameter
  • These double elastic-banded covers are easy to install and effectively protect the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel is the area of the vehicle that comes into the most direct contact with the drivers hands.
  • Protect your customers and service technicians from the spread of dirt, grease, grime, bacteria, contaminants, viruses, and infection.
  • These only cover the steering wheel portion, not the middle, which allows drivers to see the gauges.
  • Sold in packages of 500 Steering Wheel Covers

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24" Disposable Plastic Steering Wheel Covers (Case of 500)

Item #: SWC24
  • Price: $56.95

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