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Adhesive Plastic "Dealer Must Remove" Car Floor Mats

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Our Adhesive Car Floor Mats are Coated with the Strongest Solvent-Based Acrylic Adhesive on the Market!

  • Our Adhesive Plastic "Dealer Must Remove" Floor Mats have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they perform better than any competing product on the market. We utilize a solvent-based acrylic adhesive which is stronger than the competition and will even adhere to damp carpet. Moreover, we coat our films with more adhesive than any competing product, creating the highest peel rate on the market. These floor mats are coated with the finest quality adhesive which creates an industry-best peel rate of 750 grams per inch.
  • Our film contains a minimum of 25% metallocene, which prevents the film from puncturing due to sharp objects or pressure. Metallocene essentially makes the film softer so that it does not rip or tear. Many competing product do not contain metallocene or contain a smaller amount of metallocene, which makes them more brittle, and thus more likely to tear or rip.
  • We utilize a solvent-based acrylic adhesive which will not leave any residue behind on your carpets. Beware of competing products which are produced with water based adhesives. Many competing products use water-based acrylic adhesives, which cost about 15% less compared to solvent-based adhesives. The problem with water-based adhesives is that they can leave adhesive residue behind on the carpet. Our solvent-based acrylic adhesive is stronger and adheres to the vehicle's carpet better.
  • Our adhesive car floor mats are loved by detailing professionals, because of the superior adhesive. Detailing companies are well aware that the ultimate test for an adhesive floor mat is its ability to adhere and hold to freshly shampooed carpets. Our film outperforms the competition on both damp and dry carpeting.
  • Protect the interior of your vehicle with our top quality plastic adhesive-backed floor mats, which are available in 3 mil and 4 mil thicknesses.
  • These disposable floor mats are the highest quality of their type and are often used by major auto manufacturers to protect the carpets in new vehicles during their transportation between the manufacturing plant and the dealership.
  • We also sell these mats to dealership sales and service departments to protect vehicles during the sales process or to protect vehicles while they are in for service. Likewise, auto repair shops, body shops, collision centers, detailing businesses and many more types of businesses who work on vehicles use these sticky mats to protect the interiors of vehicles while they are in the shop.
  • These adhesive-backed polyethylene plastic floor mats do not slide around like traditional paper mats.
  • Our self-adhesive mats are constructed with a very high-tack solvent-based acrylic adhesive that stays in place yet can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue behind. These mats will not slip or disintegrate! The pressure sensitive adhesive adheres firmly to the fibers in the carpet, protecting the floor from unwanted contamination from dirt, grime and much more. The adhesive on our mats is formulated protect the carpet without sliding or rolling up during use. Many of our competitors use inferior quality adhesives including water-based acrylic adhesive, which is not as strong as our solvent-based adhesive. Moreover, we apply more adhesive to our mats than any competitor, which makes our adhesive floor mats the highest tack mats sold on the market! Our mats are even stronger than competitors who market their mats as "high tack."
  • Some competing companies who sell adhesive car floor mats constructed with water-based adhesive will tell customers that they need to purchase an additional aerosol spray adhesive product to spray on the carpet prior to adhering the mat to the floor, since the adhesive on their mats literally do not stick.  No extra adhesives will ever be needed with our superior quality adhesive film!
  • Constructed from polyethylene plastic film which is impervious to oil, water, snow, slush, and many other contaminants.
  • Perfect for auto repair shops, body shops, auto dealer service departments, detail shops, car washes, service stations or any individual looking for a durable way to protect the carpet in their vehicle(s) against every day contaminants.
  • Printed in black ink with the industry standard "Dealer Must Remove" design. The printing is fully encased in lamination on both sides, which means that it is impossible for the printing to transfer onto the carpet of the vehicle.
  • Each mat measures 21" x 24"

The Industry's Strongest Sticky Floor Mats - Constructed from Multi-Layer Coextruded Plastic Film with at Least 25% Metallocene!

  • Strong coextruded self-adhering plastic film is constructed from multiple layers of polyethylene and polypropylene (PE/PP) for maximum strength, durability, and puncture-resistance. Competing monolayer products which are constructed from 1 layer are inferior to coextruded films.
  • Our film formulation contains at least 25% Metallocene, which is the strongest resin available.
  • Our mats are ultra durable, rated for up to 30 days of use.
  • Sold on heavy duty 3" cores which make applications simple and easy.
  • Packaged in a durable corrugated carton for shipping.
  • Sold on rolls of 176 mats with perforations every 21 inches on a 300 ft. long roll. Our perforations are clean and easy to tear off. Compare our quality to some competitors where the perforations or sloppy and unprofessional making it difficult remove each individual mat and where the rolls have an unprofessional and uneven appearance.
  • When converted to metric measurements, our 3 mil film is 75 microns thick, while our 4 mil film is 100 microns thick.


  1. Remove the adhesive floor mats rolls from the carton. You will find that we package our rolls in very strong corrugated cartons to protect the film against damage during shipment.
  2. Peel back the plastic adhesive film from the roll about 1 inch evenly across the entire 24 inch length of the roll.  Please note that the very first mat on a roll may be incomplete, so you may need to remove some waste material on the first use of the roll.  We always over-deliver on our mats, because we know there will be waste at the beginning and end of each roll.  Our 300ft rolls are actually 301ft and our 200ft rolls are actually 201ft to account for waste.
  3. After 1 inch of the film is peeled back, adhere the film at the end of the carpet mat you wish to protect in the automobile.
  4. Now, begin evenly unrolling the floor mat and pressing the film into the carpet as you unroll.
  5. When you reach the end of the 21 inch long mat, you will see a perforated line which allows you to separate the mat cleanly.

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