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    Bumper Wrap Column Protectors - 40 ft. Roll
  • Black/Yellow, 40 ft. roll, 12 in. wide x 1/2 in. thick
  • A flexible protective wrap for use in drive through fueling stations, light poles, and parking blocks
  • High visibility cover for barriers, beams and posts to prevent vehicles from impact and scraping damage
  • Prevents beams and posts from constant abuse - eliminating the need for painting
  • Durable PVC with UV protection
  • Safety yellow stripes integrated into product for a lifetime of high visibility protection
  • Easy to install by using cable lock ties or straps which can be ordered in kits measuring 1/2" x 3000'

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Bumper Wrap Column Protectors - 40 ft. Roll

Item #: BWR40
  • Price: $244.90