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  • This is a great sales incentive board for service technicians and mechanics.
  • Pulls are typically awarded to employees to reward positive contributions such as reaching certain up-selling targets. For example, many companies will award pulls for every so many dollars generated in sales (such as on pull for every $100 sold). After the employee pulls the tab, they will write their name on the number on the line with the matching number to the tab number. After all of the tabs have been pulled, the gold tab is pulled to reveal a number. The employee whose name is written on the corresponding number line wins the jackpot which is determined by the manager.
  • A great way to increase team morale, promote up-selling, and boost sales.
  • The game includes 50 pulls with 4-different payout amounts which are determined by the manager, plus the jackpot which is also determined by the manager. A value is assigned to each letter. There are 36 C's, 9 A's, 4 S's and 1 H

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Creative Cash Board Sales Incentive Game Board

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