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Color Coded File Folder Labels

Color-coded File-Folder labels are used to classify different designations outside of your file folders. File folders are typically a plain manila color. Our labels add a punch of color that allows your staff to quickly identify different characteristics about a particular file. We offer labels with different colors that allow you to designate a folder by alphabetic letter, auto make, solid color (use for your own internal specifications), month, numerals, and years. One or multiple labels can be used on each folder. For example, if you have sold a customer an Acura in 2019 and their name begins with the letter C, you might use an Acura label, a 2019 label, and a C label. The solid color labels can be used for your company's internal designations. For example, each salesperson at your company might be designated by a different color. We offer color coded file folder labels in roll form and ring-book form. The rolls include 500 labels, while the ringbook sheets include 270 labels. Even in today's technological age, low-tech forms of orginization like filing is still very important. We have the labels you need to keep your files organized and help your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Color Coded File Folder Labels help improve efficiency by making it easy to identify and pull folders that meet certain criteria. They also help make wrongly-placed folders stand out to reduce mistakes. overall, this type of filing system reduces the amount of time employees spend filing, thus reducing your operating costs.

Our labels are laminated for added durability and are compatible with all of the most popular filing systems on the market, however, we offer a much lower price.