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Medical Chart & File Racks

Our Medical Chart & File Wall & Floor Racks are manufactured by Wooden Mallet and are ideal for displaying and organizing medical charts and files in an office environment. These racks are constructed with solid oak sides and feature a durable finish, which is offered in an array of colors to match any d├ęcor. The pockets on these racks measure 12-1/2" wide. The four and ten pocket holders are constructed with 3/4" deep pockets, while the three and five pocket holders feature an extra deep 1-1/4" pocket which accommodates thicker files. Single pocket racks can hold files up to 2" thick. The wall racks come predrilled and include hardware to easily mount on the wall.

1 Pocket Oak X-Ray Wall Rack
Made in USA

1 Pocket Oak X-Ray Wall Rack

Item #: XR-1

$61.71 - $66.46

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