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  • Our medium weight dimpled meltblown polypropylene universal sorbent mats absorb most fluids including oil, water, brake fluid, gasoline, and much more. They are ideal for indoor industrial sites where there is a chance of oil or water spills, use around any machinery that might use oil or water such as hydraulic equipment, and bathroom areas for safety absorption.
  • Each package of 200 medium-weight mats can absorb up to 35 gallons of liquid (up to 22.4 oz. per pad).
  • Perfect for absorbing excess oil and other chemicals from used tools, parts, and dirty shoes in your auto repair shop, body shop, or service department.
  • Ideal for protecting tools and equipment used during oil changes.
  • The dimpled design creates more surface area for faster absorption.
  • Each pad measure 15" x 18" with a perforation down the middle creating (2) 9" x 15" mats.
  • The perforation on each mat helps to minimize waste.
  • Sold in easy-to-use dispenser boxes of 200 mats

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Universal Sorbent Mats - Medium Weight (Package of 200)

Item #: SORB200
  • Price: $62.78

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    $62.78 $59.69