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Car Top Signs

We offer several options of promotional signage for auto dealerships that sits on to of vehicles:

  • The Swinger Car Topper is a swinger message set that is designed to be installed on the top of the vehicle and includes a complete set of letters and numbers so you can install any message you desire.
  • Easy Pricers are made from 5mm coroplast and attach to the vehicle with coated magnets. They come with a set of interchangeable letters so you can change the message to meet your needs.
  • The Easy Toppers are also made from 5mm coroplast, however, they come with a pre-printed message of your choosing, which features vibrant modern graphics.
  • Twirl N Ads are a three-sided sign that attaches to the top of the vehicle via magnets and twirls in the wind. You can choose three different messages or they can be all the same.