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Custom Motorcycle Dealer License Plates & Backing Plates

Custom Motorcycle License Plates

We offer a comprehensive selection of Custom Printed Motorcycle License Plates and Backing Plates which are designed to meet the needs of motorcycle dealerships and power sports dealers, but are also used as promotional marketing giveaways for companies attending motorcycle events, for promotional use by motorcycle riding clubs, and much more. We carry a variety of materials including polyethylene, aluminum, polystyrene, and poly coated cardboard to meet the needs of virtually any application.

  • Cardboard Motorcycle License Plates are made from heavy white card stock with and are printed in full color with digital printing and then coated with a protective clear coat which makes the colors pop. These plates are the choice of Motorcycle Dealers looking for a temporary 30-day tag on a budget.
  • Screen Printed Polyethylene Motorcycle License Plates are constructed from a white polyethylene resin material and then are screen printed with your logo or message. Screen Printing offers the sharpest and most vibrant print quality and is the most durable type of printing for custom polyethylene license plates. Screen Printed Polyethylene License Plates are the best choice when ordering plates with a solid imprint color. These plates are offered in .020 and .030 thicknesses.
  • Full Color Digitally Printed Polyethylene Motorcycle License Plates are constructed from durable polyethylene material and printed in full color with your dealership's message or logo. Full Color Digital Polyethylene Custom Printed License Plates are a good choice when you are looking to order multiple-color imprints. We can even print complex shading patterns or photographic images at no additional cost. These plates are offered in .015, .023, .035, and .055 thicknesses
  • Custom Motorcycle Backing Plates are constructed from ultra durable .055 polyethylene and are printed with your company name, logo, or message. Backer plates stay on the motorcycle after the sale for prolonged advertising. We offer these with either screen printing or full color digital printing. Screen printing offers the most vibrant and durable printing, while digital allows us to print in full color including the option of using complex shading patterns or high resolution photographic imagery at no additional cost.
  • Aluminum Motorcycle License Plates are constructed from .024 aluminum and are screen printed with your personalized message. These plates feature an embossed imprint, which offers a prestigious look with a high perceived value. The printing on aluminum plates is the most durable compared to all other materials since the ink is baked on. Aluminum is the classic license plate material as used for state license plates around the country and is a great choice for anyone looking for a truly quality product.
  • Full Color Digitally Printed Styrene Motorcycle License Plates are a traditional type of motorcycle license plate, which are made from styrene. Styrene is an inexpensive form of plastic license plate which offers excellent ink adherence and rigidity, however, the white color of the styrene tends to yellow over time and the material becomes brittle when expanded to cold weather. If you are placing a first-time order, we recommend choosing polyethylene license plates which are more durable.

Quality Digital Printing

Digital printing is the best choice when you require a multiple color imprint. With digital printing, we can even print photographic images and complex shading patterns at no additional cost. Our digitally printed plates come with a complimentary high gloss UV clear-coat that protects the imprint and makes the colors "pop." Compare our plates to competing products that are not clear-coated and therefore are much less durable and do not have the same vibrant imprint.

We have been working with motorcycle dealers for over 40 years and are eager to put our years of expertise to work for you. Please reach out to us by phone, chat, or email and we will be happy to help guide you through the process of choosing and ordering the correct imprinted motorcycle plate for your needs.