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  • These folders measure 4-1/2" x 10-1/4" when closed and feature a 4-5/16" deep pocket and 4-1/8" flap. The stock design and your custom imprint are printed on the front cover. The pocket features a Standard Service Record form imprint, while the flap features a Service List imprint. These folders are designed to hold trifold 8-1/2" x 11" sheets.
  • The stock design is printed in PMS 185 red and black inks, however, your imprint is printed in black ink only.
  • The folder features a stock imprint that reads:
    Tire Service Center



    Proper tire care can help assure your safety on the road. Attention to the following factors will assure you get the performance and service your tires were designed to provide.

    Underinflation causes tires to overheat and can lead to premature failure. Overinflation will result in a hard uncomfortable ride.
    • For the best ride and handling, inflate tires to pressure recommended by vehicle manufacturer.
    • Check pressure monthly when tires are cold (less than 2 miles of travel).
    • Use accurate pressure gauge.
    • Do not reduce pressure in hot tires: recheck when cool.
    • Do not exceed tire manufacturer's maximum pressure (indicated on sidewall).

    Every tire is engineered to carry a specific load at a specific inflation pressure. Tires perform best and last longer when operated within this range.
    • Do not overload tires (sidewall is marked with maximum load).

    The way you drive can affect tire durability.
    • Avoid "peeling" starts, "screeching" stops and hard cornering.
    • Avoid running into curbs, through pot holes, and over road debris.

    Tread depth is critical to driving safety and tire life.
    • Tread life ends and tire should be replaced when tread depth reaches 2/32". (Wear bars across the face of the tire become visible when this level is reached)
    • Proper alignment will prevent uneven wear.
    • Tire balancing provides ride comfort and helps to prevent some types of irregular tread wear.
    • Regular tire rotation will provide more even wear and longer tread life.

    Tire selection should be based on these important factors:
    • The type of vehicle you drive.
    • The way you drive.
    • The roads you drive on.
    • The weather you drive in.

    1. Excessive tread wear, with tread depths at 2/32" or less, is easy to spot. Insert the top edge of a penny into the tread. If the top of Lincoln's head shows, replace the tire soon.
    2. Overinflation causes premature tread wear.
    3. Underinflation damages outer tire ribs.
    4. Uneven tread wear can mark a need for wheel alignment; replacement of springs, brakes or other steering/suspension parts. Let a professional check for and correct any of these problems.
  • This document folder contains two custom imprint areas. The first personalized imprint area is on the front of the folder, where you can include customizations such as your logo, business hours, and company information, which will be printed within the boundaries of the imprint area shown in the template. The second custom imprint area is in the flap, where you can list up to 18 services or can include any other custom imprinted information of your choosing. If you wish to make any changes to the folder outside of the custom imprint areas, this is considered a custom panel and will incur an additional charge.
  • These folders are constructed from white felt paper stock.


Ordering Process

New Orders

Please upload your artwork and/or special instructions for your desired imprint when you submit your order. We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns with your artwork before charging your credit card. Once our Art Department determines that your artwork is feasible, we will charge your credit card and prepare a proof, which will be emailed to you for approval.

Repeat Orders

If you are placing an order that is an exact duplication of an imprinted product that we previously produced for you, please enter the details of your previous order in the "Enter Special Instructions" box. In the case of exact reorders, we generally will move directly into production after receiving your order without sending a proof.



We accept Adobe Illustrator vector files including .eps, ai, and pdf, as well as high resolution 300dpi raster files including psd, jpg, tiff, and png. Please convert all fonts to outlines before submitting artwork. If you require small changes to your artwork, we are usually able to make those adjustments at no charge. Our goal is your total satisfaction and we will work with you closely to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product. We will always contact you if our Art Department has any questions or concerns with the submitted artwork. If you have any questions about the feasibility of your desired imprint, please feel free to email us your artwork to review and evaluate before ordering.

Straight Line Text

If your desired imprint is comprised in part or completely of straight line copy, please enter the text, font, and layout preferences in the "Enter Special Instructions" box. Our Art Department will prepare a proof in accordance with your instructions.

Production Time

Production time is 10-15 business days + time in transit after proof approval. If you have a deadline, please contact us before placing the order to determine the feasibility of expediting production.

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Custom Printed "Tire Service Center" Automotive Service Paper Document Folders

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