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Cadillac is a very well-known and recognized car manufacturer that is globally recognized for its' vehicles luxury and class. Our Cadillac Swooper Feather Flag consists of a black background with the Cadillac logo written vertically in white italic print and the Cadillac emblem above it - an iconic symbol of vehicle. Whether you choose to display and promote the Cadillac Swooper Feather Flag in front of your dealership or at special events, races, car clubs, etc, this flag will help to get you noticed.

Our giant Swooper Feather Flags feature a free-flying end which allows the them to "flutter" in the wind with the slightest breeze. The flags measure 11.5 ft x 2.5 ft. and are constructed from durable knitted polyester fabric with double sewn hemmed edges and a hemmed sleeve. The extra strong black oxford sleeve is designed to hide dirt while withstanding the elements. A rope tie at the bottom finishes the flag and prevents it from becoming tangled around the pole. This type of feather flag is often referred to as a swooper flag, bow flag, super flag, or half sleeve flag.

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Cadillac Swooper Feather Flag

Item #: SWFL-0111
  • Price: $19.95

The base price is for the flag only. You may add poles and mounting hardware below.