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If you operate a new car dealership and are looking to promote the certified used car division of your business, these are the Wind-Free Feather flags you have been looking for. Our Certified Pre-Owned Red Wind-Free Feather Flag is comprised of the words "Certified" in yellow and "Pre-Owned" in white on a re background and are framed with a checkered pattern at the top and bottom.

Our wind-free father flags feature a fixed end, whereby, the sleeve extends fully to the end of the flag so that the flag remains completely visible even without wind. These flags measure 11.5 ft x 2.5 ft. and are constructed from durable knitted polyester fabric with double sewn hemmed edges and a hemmed sleeve. The extra strong black oxford sleeve is designed to hide dirt while withstanding the elements. A rope tie at the bottom finishes the flag and prevents it from becoming tangled around the pole. This type of feather flag is often referred to as a full sleeve feather flag, windless flag, or swooper flag.

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Certified Pre-Owned Red Wind-Free Feather Flag

Item #: WFFL-0012
  • Price: $19.95

The base price is for the flag only. You may add poles and mounting hardware below.