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  • Made in USA
    Checkered Red/White 3' x 5' Flag Outdoor Nylon
  • Checkered flags are used in auto and motorcycle racing to indicate when the race has finished and a winner is declared. As a result, the checkered motif is a good choice for decorating if you operate an automotive-themed business such as a car dealership, service station, or race track.
  • These Checkered flags are Manufactured in the United States from durable nylon fabric, which is designed to resist damage from the sun and rain.
  • The flags are printed with vibrant red ink and are finished with a heavy canvas heading and brass grommets.
  • Offered in 1 size:
    • 3' x 5'

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Checkered Red/White 3' x 5' Flag Outdoor Nylon

  • Price: $27.00

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