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Consecu-Tags Key Tags by Versa Tags (Package of 125)

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  • Consecu-Tags are a patented product by Versa-Tags which combines 2 Self Protecting Versa-Tags Key Tags with a Window Stock Sticker which are all color coordinated and marked with consecutive numbering using your personalized numbering/lettering pattern.
  • The Window Stock Sticker features a temporary adhesive which firmly adheres to the windshield, but can be removed later without leaving any residue behind. Once the sticker is removed, it can be adhered to the paperwork for the sale or be placed in the sales persons file.
  • Consecutively numbered tags which pair a stock numbered window sticker with two matching self-laminating key tags are often referred to as Consecu-Tags, Consecutags, Continu-Tags, or Continutags.
  • This product is a great way for car dealerships to keep track of inventory with a numbered windshield sticker and matching numbered key tags.
  • These tags are offered in ten colors (Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Lime Green, Pink, Red, Tan, White, & Yellow) to coordinate your sales department, service department, teams, vehicles makes/models, and much more to help keep your dealership organized. The vibrant colors of our tags make them visible from long distances.
  • Sold in sets of 125 and includes plated steel rings.
  • Each key tag is printed with labels and fields to list all of the pertinent information about the vehicle including new/used, stock number, year, make, model, body, and color.
  • Size: 5-1/2" x 6"
  • Key tags folded size: 1-1/4" x 3"
  • Stock sticker: 2-1/2" x 6"


  • Consecu-Tags can be personalized with any combination of up to 7 numbers or letters available. We can print your numbering/lettering preference. All color tags are offered with black numbering, while white and yellow tags are offered with your choice of black or red numbering.
  • We can customize your Consecu-Tags by printing your dealership's custom logo, QR code, or any other custom information. Please indicate your customization preference in the special instructions box.
  • Many auto dealerships use special codes to identify vehicles. For example, used vehicles can be identified with a starting digit of "U", whereas new vehicles can be identified with a starting digit of "N". Some customers use a starting digit which indicated the year of the vehicle. For example, a tag numbered "21 100", would be the 100th vehicle on the lot from the year 2021. Many customers also identify the make of the vehicle with the first digit, such as "F 121", which would indicate the 121st ford on the lot. We can create any numbering/lettering series up to 7 digits to meet the needs of your dealership - use your creativity!
  • We can also supply these tags with no numbering (Blank). With blank tags, you can use a permanent marker manually to indicate the number or code for each vehicle.
  • These tags are custom printed to order. Production time is approximately 2-3 business days.


  1. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 1 Fill your information out on the tag face.
  2. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 2 Separate stock sticker and key tags with a simple tear at the perforation.
  3. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 3 Peel outer edge off of stock sticker to expose adhesive.
  4. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 4 Clean interior of windshield before applying stock sticker. Then firmly press adhesive border to windshield to secure the stock sticker.
  5. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 5 Separate key tags at perforation.
  6. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 6 Slightly bend right-hand tab downward and peel center section right to left. Completely remove center section from surface, exposing adhesive.
  7. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 7 Fold tag from left to right using edge of tab for alignment. Match holes and press in place.
  8. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 8 Remove the cover from the tab.
  9. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 9 Fold tab around the edge of tag and press in place.
  10. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 10 Attach ring and you have the best key tag on the market.

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