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Car License Plate Screws

License Plate Screws

We offer a comprehensive selection of screws to mount the front and rear license plates to automobiles. These screws are an important license plate accessory for auto dealers and private vehicle owners alike. The Hex Head Screws and Pan Head Screws are both #14 1/4 in. x 3/4 in. which is the most universally compatible size and will work with more with most American-Made vehicles like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc. Hex head screws are the most popular variety since they can be installed with either a wrench or a flat head screw driver, whereas the Pan Head can only be installed with a flat head screw driver. The thumbscrews are commonly used for test drives since they are easy to install with the twist of the hand. We offer thumbscrews in both American and Metric varieties. The Metric Hex Head Screws are the same as the regular Hex Head screws except they have metric sizing which makes them compatible with Honda, Toyota, and some other Japanese Vehicles. The nylon inserts are used when the license plate screw holes have become corroded; Simply slide in the nylon insert to be able to accept screws again. Ordering license plate screws can be a confusing process since there are so many varieties to choose from. If you need assistance, please reach out to us by phone, chat, or email and we will be happy to help you find the right screw for your application.

High Quality License Plate Mounting Hardware

The state license plate is required to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle in most states and on the front of the vehicle in some states. The license plate serves as a unique identifier for your vehicle. They are an important mechanism used to ensure security on the roadways by allowing police offers and other government officials to quickly identify a vehicle in the case of accidents, stolen vehicles, traffic violations, and much more. Securing your license plate to your vehicle is not merely a matter of cosmetics; it is literally a requirement to keep your vehicle operating legally on the street. When it comes to securing your license plate to the vehicle, you'll want to choose fasteners that are durable, rust-resistant, easy to install and compatible with your vehicles make/model. We offer a comprehensive selection of license plate screws to accommodate most applications.

Our license plate screws and mounting hardware make securing your license plate easy. From simple license plate screws to nylon fasteners, we have the inventory in-stock to quickly provide you with the necessary hardware to ensure your license plate is securely fastened into place. Our hardware is distinguished by the following features:

  • Convenient packaging: All of our license plate screws are conveniently packaged in bags of 100 (50 for thumbscrews) and the packaged again in small cardboard boxes. This is much more convenient then buying in bulk, yet we still offer bulk wholesale pricing.
  • Durability: Our screws are constructed from industrial grade steel with a galvanized zinc coating to prevent corrosion from the elements. These scres are designed for long-term durability and strength.
  • Variety: We offer a complete selection of license plate screws that will satisfy the needs of most auto dealerships.

Unparalleled Selection

When you do a search online for license plate hardware, you are likely to find retail sites such as Amazon where you can buy small packs of 4 license plate screws. With MBR Marketing, you have the advantage of purchasing bulk packs at discount wholesale pricing. In many cases, our packages of 100 screws are priced competitively with the small packages of 4 your will find on other online marketplaces. With MBR, you also purchase with the confidence of buying from a direct supplier who services auto dealerships throughout the country. Our license plate screws are manufactured to last and have been time-tested by the automotive industry.

Secure Your License Plate

Regardless of your needs, it is important to make sure your license plate is securely attached to the vehicle without wiggling or wobbling. There are several scenarios, where it is important to purchase new license plate hardware:

  • You have recently purchased a new vehicle and need to secure a license plate to the car.
  • The hardware securing the license plate(s) on your existing vehicle is deteriorating.
  • You have recently moved to a new state that requires you to install a new license plate or plates on your vehicle.
  • You operate a car dealership, where you are constantly needing to attach/detach license plates for test drives and when vehicles are ultimately sold.