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Cash Receipt Books, Cash Receipts & Journals

We offer a complete selection of Cash Receipt Books, Cash Receipts, and Cash Receipt Journals to keep your auto dealership organized and running smoothly.

We offer two varieties of cash receipt books, both of which are coil bound books and consist of (50) pages. Each page consists of 4 perforated 3-part cash receipt forms. In total, each book provides you with (200) 3-part cash receipt forms. The coil-bound books are easy-to-use and are convenient since regardless of which page is open, the book always lays flat. The accounting office at car dealerships utilize cash receipt books to monitor and record all cash transactions. The third sheet stays in the book as a record of the transaction for future reference and the forms are sequentially numbered in red ink to aid in organization. Both types of cash receipt books are offered in a stock form for immediate shipment or a custom printed form which is printed with your 4-line imprint in you choice of black, blue, green, or red ink. When you purchase a custom form, you also have the option of the starting numbers printed on the form.

The alternative system for controlling cash receipts is to use a combination of our 3-part cash receipts and our cash receipt journals. The cash receipts are a 3-part carbonless form where the cash receipt transaction is executed and then it is recorded into the journal as a record. Cash receipt journals are sold in packages of 50. We offer the cash receipt forms in a stock package of 100 or you can purchase them with your custom 4-line imprint in packages of 500.

Regardless of which system your auto dealership uses to record transactions, we have the forms to help your business run like a well-oiled machine.