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American Swooper Feather Flags

Be it the 4th of July, Memorial Day, September 11th, or an all-year-round display of patriotic pride, then our American Wind-Free Feather Flags are the perfect choice to create a patriotic display. These flags can be used for temporary events like festivals, but also work perfectly for all-year-round for businesses that want convey a constant announcement that what you are offering is American to the core. You may want to stock up on a few variations too, such as our Stars and Bars, Star Spangled Banner and the Stars and Bars featuring the iconic bald Eagle to create a dynamic display.

One of the advantages of displaying American-Themed flags is that in certain jurisdictions where these types of flags are banned, American flags are permitted. Our feather flag, which has the 50 stars flying high, will often be accepted. The innovative full sleeve design means that these flags will remain taut without wind, so your patriotic message is always visible.