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    Odor Magic Deep Penetrating Chlorine Dioxide Odor Remover
  • Odor Magic delivers the power of Chlorine Dioxide, also known as ClO2, in a safe and effective delivery system.
  • Don't just cover up bad smells - Odor Magic Magically Removes Odors!
  • Chlorine Dioxide molecules attract negatively charged odor molecules and destroy them at the source.
  • Quickly and safely eliminates odors at their source, improving the smell inside of the vehicle.
  • Perfect for auto dealerships, automotive detailing companies, or anyone looking to remove unwanted smells from vehicles.
  • Permanently eliminates odors caused by bacteria, cigarettes, fire, food, mice, mold & mildew, pets, smoke, vomit, and much more.
  • Each package includes a small bottle of liquid and a blue pouch wrapped in silver foil. Simply place the blue pouch in the plastic holder and then pour the liquid slowly onto the pouch through the plastic hole. After the liquid has been poured onto the pouch, close and lock all doors and windows until the treatment is completed. The total treatment takes one hour for completion.

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Odor Magic Deep Penetrating Chlorine Dioxide Odor Remover

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