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  • Made in USA
    Quality Used Cars Underhood Sign
  • This underhood sign is printed with a black and white checkered pattern on the top an bottom.  In the middle of the sign is a red background with the text, "Quality Used Cars." The text"Quality" is white with a black outline and the text, "Used Cars" are yellow with a black outline.
  • Helps meet local sign ordinances
  • Constructed from durable 5mm bright white coroplast and printed with vibrant, fade-resistant, colorful graphics
  • Weatherproof and user friendly
  • The flexible material wedges under the car hood.  The cars built-in hood support rod is still required to support the hood.
  • Stock sign measures 29" wide x 41" high

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Quality Used Cars Underhood Sign

Item #: US40-QUC
  • Price: $34.95