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Versa-Tags Self Protecting Key Tags (Box of 250)

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  • Self Protecting Key Tags by Versa-Tags are the most popular automotive key tag sold in the United States. They are offered in 11 different colors to coordinate with any sales or service department. The unique design includes a self-laminating adhesive tab which folds over the key tag to seal in the information and protect against smudges, water, and much more. The tags can be written on by pen, pencil or any type of marker.
  • Each tag is printed with labels and fields to list all of the pertinent information about the vehicle including new/used, stock number, year, make, model, body, and color.
  • Packaged 250 per box with plated rings
  • Each tag measures 3" x 1-1/4" folded


  1. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 1 Fill your information out on the tag face.
  2. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 2 Slightly bend right-hand tab downward and peel center section right to left.
  3. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 3 Completely remove center section from surface, exposing adhesive.
  4. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 4 Fold tag from left to right using edge of tab for alignment. Match holes and press in place.
  5. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 5 Remove the cover from the tab.
  6. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 6 Fold tab around the edge of tag and press in place.
  7. Consecu-Tags Instructions: Step 7 Attach ring and you have the best key tag on the market.

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