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  • Our Blank Printable Tear Resistant Temporary Tags are constructed from Polyester (PET) synthetic paper, which is a plastic material that possesses many of the properties of paper, but with far superior durability. Our PET Synthetic paper features a matte finish with a special coating on both sides that allows for toner from laser printers to permanently bond with the plastic. These tags are printable on both sides.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed to work with LASER PRINTERS ONLY. This product is not compatible with inkjet printers.
  • These temporary tags measure 5 mils thick (0.005"). For reference, a standard sheet of laser printer paper measures approximately 4 mils thick (0.004"), therefore, these sheets are slightly thicker than a standard sheet of laser printer paper. The 5 mil thick temporary tags are preferred by many auto dealerships since they feed through some printers better compared to 8 mil thick temporary tags. In comparison, the 8 mil thick temporary tags are thicker, more rigid, and therefore more durable.
  • This product is used by car dealerships in states where temporary tags are required. Simply print out on the tags using a laser printer, tear out perforations, and attach to vehicle until official state license plate arrives.
  • Please Note: We can only sell this product to car dealerships. We are not able to sell this product to private individuals who require a temporary license plate tag for their personal vehicle.
  • Our ultra-durable synthetic paper material is totally weather-proof, grease-proof, waterproof, tear-resistant, anti-static, scuff-proof, and offers excellent stain resistance! The toner from your laser printer permanently adheres to the synthetic paper and it will not come off.
  • These tags are constructed from 5 mil thick synthetic paper, which is the preferred choice for most car dealerships.
  • Each sheet measures 8-1/2" x 11" and the actual tag measures 6" x 11"
  • Each tag features 2 perforated tear-off portions to reduce the size from the standard-sized 8-1/2" x 11" sheet, down to the required 6" x 11" tag size. The tear-off sections can be used as a temporary registration or filed away with other dealer paperwork.
  • Each tag contains 4 standard-sized oval holes.
  • Designed for use with laser printers or copiers only. Not for use with inkjet printers.
  • These tags satisfy California's AB 516 mandate
  • Sold in packages of 100

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Blank Printable Tear Resistant Temporary Tags for Car Dealerships - 5 Mil - 2 Tear-Off Portions (Package of 100)

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