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Consecutive Numbered Dealer Window Stickers

We carry the most comprehensive selection of sequentially numbered stock auto dealership window stickers in the auto dealer supply industry. All of our consecutively numbered stickers feature our "Clear Back" construction, which means they are made with a 1 mil clear plastic backing over the entire surface, which attaches to the inside of the car's window on either the top and bottom or all four sides, depending upon the size of sticker you choose. These stickers feature a durable adhesive which is strong enough to attach to the glass, yet is still able to be removed without damaging the car or leaving any adhesive residue behind. We carry three different sizes to meet the needs of any used or new car dealership: 3" x 6", 3" x 4", and 4-1/2" x 6". All of our stock window stickers in unobtrusive enough that they can be used during test drives.

These stickers are printed in vibrant black ink with up to 7 digits with your dealership's preferred numbering pattern. Many dealerships use a unique number to identify each vehicle on the lot. If you are looking for a continuously numbered sticker, which also includes two self protecting key tags by Versa Tags with matching numbers, the Consecu-Tags may be the best choice for you.