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    Slip-N-Grip® Disposable Plastic Car Covers (Roll of 30)
  • Slip-N-Grip® Disposable Plastic Car Covers measure 13.6' x 25' - Larger than the competition, these covers are designed and sized for compatibility with most vehicles.
  • Constructed from premium quality .7 mil Slip-N-Grip® coextruded polyethylene film, which is made from multiple layers for superior durability, strength, performance, and tear-resistance. Competing monolayer products which are constructed from one layer are inferior in quality.
  • This product is designed to protect vehicles from dust and overspray in automotive body shops and collision repair centers.
  • Ideal for use indoors or temporary use outdoors.
  • Some customers use these for alternative applications such as protecting vehicles from contaminants such as dust, rain, paint, leaves, dirt, pollen, pollution, and bird droppings. We also have customers who purchase these to protect large items such furniture, boats, planes, and much more.
  • Constructed from high-tech non-abrasive plastic film that will not damage or scratch the finish of your vehicle.
  • These can be used to provide protection alone, or can be used as a plastic liner underneath a fabric car cover for extra protection.
  • We sell these on rolls of 30 at extremely competitive wholesale pricing. Perfect for auto body shops, collision repair shops, and other companies who are looking to purchase plastic disposable car covers in large quantities at a substantial bulk savings.
  • Sold on rolls of 30

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Slip-N-Grip® Disposable Plastic Car Covers (Roll of 30)

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